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Streid | Characters

Streid by FeelinNifty
 Gender: M
 Height: 4'10"
 Created: March 30th, 2020
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Streid is a jester-gladiator, a member of an exclusive sect dedicated to
entertaining friends and doing anything possible to make foes feel like idiots.
Operating openly in the courts and public spheres of any respectable polity,
the jester-gladiators are equal parts party hosts and propagandists.
Streid himself is an emissary of the Semi-Hegemony of Aenimmie Mnemonae (often called The Mnemosyne's Mezzanine).

He sees the world entirely through the lens of his career and considers his
surroundings as things to be joked about or mocked.
He would not consider himself unfriendly and he enjoys company,
but insists on steering any conversation he injects himself into.
He is blithe and indirect at his best, and tends to be dismissive
or willfully, aggressively ignorant of what's going on around him.
A contemptible imp of a man.

As part of his training, Streid possesses some manner of magical power,
able to access what is commonly called "hammerspace": he is
able to inexplicably produce, apparently out of thin air,
a wide variety of fully functioning objects large and small.

The same magic allows him to perform feats of speed, strength, and maneuverability beyond his otherwise totally human limits.
These abilities seem to work only when used for the sake of a joke.

(Feel free to ignore as much of this as you feel is appropriate--Streid is
a weird clown whose behavior doesn't have to be set in stone)
(Also feel free to mess around with his design--Streid spares no expense
when choosing his wardrobe. The only constants are a gladiator+jester motif and a color scheme focused on red and gold.)

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