The White Blade | Characters

The White Blade | Characters

 Gender: Demigod
 Height: 9ft(Variable)
 Created: March 29th, 2020
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The White Blade Is a multidimensional, space traveling, Warrior Demigod, who was created from a White Dwarf Star by The God of Light Luminos. She is the oldest member of a Pantheon of Demigods known as The 9 Blades Of Luminos. The 9 Blades travel separately through the Multiverse as agents of change, arriving on worlds and spreading either the Word or Wrath of their Father God.

Being a Demigod The White Blade has a variety of abilities
-Dimensional Travel
-Freely travel and survive In space indefinitely
-Immunity to Heat/Fire
-High Gravity environment survival
-Master Swordsman thousands of years of practice

Powers and Weapons-
The White Blade Was Crafted from a White Dwarf Star along with her sword and Mask

-The Sentient Sword (Reformation) is literally her soul it burns with the heat of a star and she uses it both as a weapon and wand to focus her power.

-the sword is light as a air to her but heavy as a star to anyone else
-she is weaker if separated from the sword but can teleport the sword to herself from anywhere

-She can increase or decrease her density

The White Blade's main power is REFORM: She can Alter Reality. The longer she is in a dimension the more attuned she becomes to its energy and her power grows.

She cannot create matter from nothingness she has to reform existing matter to her whim

Personality -The White Blade is an Arrogant,Proud, Religious Zealot, Daddys Girl. Completely devoted to the Luminos vision of conquest.


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