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Maw | Characters

Maw by Brabbit
 Gender: N/A
 Height: Dog Sized
 Created: March 29th, 2020
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The great devouring ever-hungering dragon known as the Maw of the Void.

A great dragon who reincarnated in cycles throughout history until one cycle his incarnation was fused with a human boy. The hearts of the boy and the beast struggled for dominance until a magical being properly combined the two into one being.

Being raised by the boys sweetheart Amelia, this incarnation of the beast is relatively tame compared to its previous lives. The hunger and emptiness that plagued its existence seems to have vanished and in its place is only love for its caretaker.

While it's hunger has been sated, it's still a powerful world devouring dragon. Or rather it still has the potential considering it's still rather young at the moment.

-It's rather smart and can communicate pretty well.

-It's right horn has been permanently broken.

-Maw can stretch its limbs and contort its body to slip into small spaces, constrict prey, and hug Amelia no matter how hard she tries to pry them off.

-It likes to hunt prey, but only for fun now it appears.

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