Marie Frankenstein | Characters

Marie Frankenstein | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5 ft 7 inches
 Created: March 28th, 2020
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Recording Entry Log, #1

“Name, DR. Marie Frankenstein. Head of the Frankenstein estate and sole heir of the family name. The year is… Oh, who cares- this will be an audio entry for personal affairs and worthless drabble on my findings.

My last tape recorder had been unfortunately destroyed due to my last “project” deciding to completely tear up my lab along with most of my research so we are starting fresh. The patient is sedated for now, although a… re-wiring will be in order.

Reming, my ever faithful servant, is helping me put together my work again on finding developments in human enhancement. I would be more upset on losing three years of work if my sentient experiment hadn’t been an extraordinary breakthrough. I have possibly broken the laws of nature and brought humanity as a whole to the next step… but through which hypothesis I used is the question. I will have to gather all of my resources again, although that will mean travelling to collect all the necessary items. My instruments, vials, experimental mixtures are mostly in ruin. Money is no issue, but having my time wasted is.

Oh well… Back to business.”


Age: 36
DOB: December 28th
Short Bio:
Earning her doctorate in Sciences in Chemistry as well as a certification as a licensed surgeon, Dr. Marie Frankenstein cleared the ugly mark on her family name and took to becoming one of her country's most brilliant minds of the century, a seemed blessing to the medical and science industry. Breakthrough after breakthrough, Marie continued to prove her genius; from curing the incurable to saving lives, the young woman was extremely passionate in her work and dedicated to her craft.. Dedicated enough where she didn’t stop at anything, even if it meant denying the laws of God and continuing her ancestors' work.

Dr. Frankenstein didn’t take long to take on cruel and unusual methods of furthering her research, moving to study and experiment with live patients in hopes of forcing human evolution to the next step. It didn’t take long for the young doctor's secret to be unveiled by her superiors, quickly stripped of her license and blacklisted. Hush money and shady connections fortunately covered the scientists' tracks and now she works in the secrecy of the Frankenstein manor.

Personal Details:
-Typical Sociopath, charming and silver-tongued although it’s actually just a front to make others comfortable enough where they don’t suspect any ill intentions she MIGHT have.
-Could actually care less for humanity and continues her work for the fun of it. Loves her job a bit too much.
-Extremely sadistic, apathetic yet at rare times excitable and thrives off the fear of others. Prone to snapping in a near murderous rage if greatly inconvenienced.
-Will make a habit of taking an interest in others if they’re “new” and observe and pester them later. Even more-so if they could benefit her research data and will make small efforts into getting on their good side.

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