Prototype-2 | Characters

Prototype-2 | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 8'6"
 Created: March 25th, 2020
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Another creation from the government commissioned CytoTech Corporation, with the failure that is [REDACTED], they had gathered the necessary data on what they can do differently. Their goal is still creating the perfect predatory monster that will task in the elimination of dangerous threats to the Incorporated States of America in the filthy city of Void.

Prototype-2 takes after the genes of a Spinosaurus, a stronger, more superior predator to that of the T-Rex. It's body is vastly stronger than the average human, able to twist and tear metal in half. Its hide is more durable that it can withstand a basic blade, but it isn't completely resilient to firearms. It's meant to resemble a hulking tank that can withstand a good amount of punishment.

Its attacks are primal, your basic claws and fangs, as well as its strength. It's able to scale walls, jump significantly higher, but its only downside is that it's size and strength lacks in superior speed.

It's equipped a wrist band that receives hologram direct orders from CytoTech and ISA, able to request information on threats of Void City to better analyze their opponent.

While its goal is to expedite the extermination of culprits in Void City, its main target is to track down the first failure of CytoTech, Redacted for elimination. But it needs to get through the denizens of Void first..

The hunt is on.

Scar: Suffered a [REDACTED] curse from Great Escalations, Round 2 vs Wynne.
-Redacted's coloration
-Higher Aggression
-Lesser cognitive humanity (more bestial like)

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