The Cryptid | Characters

The Cryptid | Characters

The Cryptid by Footini
 Gender: female and ????
 Height: 5'10'' to usually 7'
 Created: March 15th, 2020
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Samantha Sinclair is a single mother who recently arrived to Void City with her daughter Sandra; she works as a nurse at Void General. Before moving, her days were mostly filled with balancing her job and managing to raise a teenager and all in all she was at peace with her life. Until one day and encounter with a dying patient which led to her suddenly becoming the host to an alien horror. Now with a creature living in her head, replacing her brain, she is periodically taken over by it and transformed into a horrific creature.
She came to Void in hopes of trying to control the cryptid inside her.

Samantha's personality is upbeat and caring, despite her current circumstances. Samantha, or Sammy, lives for her daughter, affectionately nicknamed Sandy. She is never is one to pass up someone who needs help, basically being in ''mom'' mode 24/7. She often finds herself interacting with the young and cool heroes of Void City which makes it all the more obvious she's a massive dork.

The Cryptid, the name given to the creature in Sammy's head, has an unknowable agenda. As of now they're not able to effectively communicate with it other than feeling each other's emotions. The Cryptid is capable of all the emotions a human is as well as some alien to us as a species. When transformed the creature is in control but will adhere to the wishes of Samantha, such as never attacking Sandra.

Samantha is a normal human; in fact she's pretty average. In human form she possess no abilities of the Cryptid other than increased resilience to damage, physically and mentally. The alien will reflexively protect it's host.

In Cryptid form they are much more powerful; the creature possess incredible strength and speed. It's claws can pierce steel and move superhumanly fast. It's able to alter it's shape and size to suit its needs, from animalistic to amorphous though humanoid is it's default form. It's skin is made of both highly durable metallic scales and a viscious, black, shifting substance. Each of it's eyes are capable of seeing things outside of the visible spectrum and able to emit its Deep Lights. The Deep Lights are able to affect the mental states of lesser beings, stunning them and possibly driving them insane.
The Cryptid can also increase and separate it's biomass from itself; it usually does this to create weapons and small drones.
It can be physically damaged to the point it has to retreat back into Samantha's head, leaving her vulnerable for a time. It constantly generates more mass to rebuild itself and heal Samantha if needed though at a slow rate. Most of it's mass is stored in Samantha's head in a pocket dimension and it is unknown how much it can accumulate at once.

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