Metonymy | Characters

Metonymy | Characters

Metonymy by Bobo
 Gender: Beyond Gender
 Height: 6'4"/8'9"/Varies
 Created: February 21st, 2020
Design sheet


Metonymy is one of The Old Gods. In fact, it's one of the OLD Old Gods. All these new Old Gods just don't know how hard the old Old Gods worked so they could ░▄▮▒▓. All the new Old Gods are into ┐⏢░▒◊ and ╬██◼░ nowadays, and that really offends Metonymy's old Old God sensibilities. But it knows that change is part of eternal existence, so instead of shaking its cane and telling the child Old Gods to get off its ▓▓▓▓, Metonymy decided to retire from its life of ▪╤▓█▓ and try something new.

As an eldritch being, Metonymy can't physically leave its realm of existence completely and enter the lower worlds, but what it can do is project a part of its consciousness into this dimension in a form more or less comprehensible to the sentient mortals that inhabit it. Metonymy was drawn to New Void City because of its high levels of diversity and paranormal activity, making it easier for it to live a peaceful life as a pseudo-mortal.

Although Metonymy can manifest itself as any physical object, it has three main forms it defaults to. Its "true" form is simply the closest approximation it has to representing its full self on this plane of existence. It's big and inconvenient, so Metonymy tends to avoid it.

Most of the time, Metonymy prefers its cryptid form, which is larger than most humanoid creatures, but still able to live among the people of New Void City without major inconveniences for the most part. It feels more connected with its true form in this state, while still maintaining a workable mortal appearance.

When blending in is the goal, Metonymy adopts its human form. This form is usually agender and sexless, although it can easily adapt as the situation may require. It doesn't really understand pronouns (or gender identity in general, because Elder Gods have no need for such trivial things), so it goes with whatever anyone chooses to use. It usually uses "it" when referring to others, although it's starting to understand that mortals prefer not to be referred to as such.

While eldritch beings are incomprehensible, Metonymy included, it tends to live a low-key life among mortals. It doesn't understand human ethics or morals, which sometimes leads to some nasty business, but for the most part Metonymy just wants to lounge around in comfy clothes (or naked, if it can get away with it) and enjoy the simple things in life. It thrives on the praise of others, and will not hesitate to eliminate blasphemers—sometimes. It generally views all mortals as beneath it, and at best collects treasures rather than making friends. It's good at pretending, but anyone really paying attention can see that it has no true affection for them.

Being a higher-dimensional god, Metonymy's powers are effectively limitless. It cannot be killed due to its physical body existing outside of this dimension, and wounds tend to disappear in a blink. Mostly, its powers manifest as a sort of shape-shifting, except it's less of a shift and more of an instantaneous change. It will manifest objects if necessary, but living in a world where it needs to work for what it has is an intriguing experience, so Metonymy usually avoids such powers. It sometimes leaks into mortals' dreams and messes up their brains, but that's just because it's still learning the difference between the physical world and the metaphysical world that mortals exist upon.

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