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Kaleo | Characters

Kaleo by !bangarang!
 Gender: male
 Height: 6 ft (as human)
 Created: February 10th, 2020
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POWERS: dragon-form, water manipulation, healing and purification, long life, near-immortality.
WEAKNESSES: sensitive to pollutants, poisons, uncomfortable in crowds, can possibly be worked up into causing a raging storm (but this is really hard to accomplish), immortal until killed.

As a young mizuchi (only a few thousand years old), Kaleo found that he enjoyed being in a human form, unlike his fellow dragons, and wandered the world in search of a place to call his own. He stumbled upon Void City. In his first few years there, he came across the undead Holden; however, Holden left, and Kal moved deep into the surrounding woodlands for his health (being very sensitive to pollution and crowds). He chose a quiet pond as his domain, building a self-sufficient settlement to live in as a "human".
These days, Kal is reluctant to venture into the city, instead preferring a solitary life, due to watching every friend and long-term lover die from old age.
His personality is reserved, aloof, with very little patience. He is also very generous and will give aid those most in need.
Kaleo's close affinity with water means that it's emotion-based; he must retain control over himself or risk killing everyone nearby in a violent storm. Kal is very defensive of the few people he lets into his bubble; when the dragon rears its head, certain death looms. Otherwise, he only lounges in dragon-form when alone (as he is usually nude in that form).

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