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 Gender: M/M/M
 Height: 5F2I/5F8I/2F
 Created: January 16th, 2020
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Backstory: Prince Charming, formerly known as Prince Radish, was cursed as a baby to have a radish for a head because a witch felt bad for a princess who had been born with a Turnip for a head and made a deal with his father. After growing up and learning of this great injustice, Prince Radish got all of the fairy tale witches together, and rather than have them break his curse, he bargained with them until they all cast the most powerful of all curses on him, a cosmic curse, to be the hottest man in existence.
But sadly, that is much too hot, and all eight of the witches died instantly upon casting it on him after seeing his face.
Now Charming roams the world in search of true love's kiss from a princess, the cure all for curses. But if no one can see his face without burning to death, how are they supposed to kiss him?

Appearance: Charming wears radish themed light armor, hand crafted by turnip princess to "remind him of who he really is." It is basically a superhero costume.

Personality: Charming is the hottest man in the universe, and he isn't afraid to say it out loud. However, stating this always come off as arrogant and snobby to those around him, which means he has no trouble making enemies.
Charming is horribly afraid of small cute animals and finds them disgusting! He falls in love with every girl he meets. He is very flirty and charming when talking to women, but the fear of accidentally killing a girl with how hot he is always settles in and ruins every relationship he makes. Charming puts rescuing damsels in distress above everything else and he's always up for a good duel over a girl. The only time Charming will ever take his helmet off is to deal instant death to a monster. Charming doesn't like to talk about the time he spent with Turnip princess and he greatly resents his dad. Charming will only drink milkshakes.

Abilities and Weapons:
Cosmically hot face. His face is impervious to damage and will instantly kill anyone/anything that looks at it. (only takes his mask off to kill monsters)
90 degree sword, is it a sword? Is it a boomerang? Who knows?

Weakness: Mirrors, blind people, small animals, closed eyes.

(Charming calls him "Box" for short)

Backstory: Crate was sold into slavery by his parents and shipped to a Gladiator Colosseum when he was only two years old. Since he arrived in a wooden crate, the gladiators named him Crate and until he met Charming he had been fighting and training in a Colosseum his whole life. Crate fights with an unlit torch instead of a sword because he once had to kill a friend in the arena and he doesn't want to ever be put in that situation again. After Charming came to fight in the Colosseum, the Gladiator Princess got so upset with Charming that she gave him permission to take Crate with him just so he would leave. So now they travel together and Crate helps Charming look for princesses.

Appearance: Crate wears a tunic and sandals and does his hair in a short pony tail. He has pointy ears because he's an elf.

Personality: Crate is intelligent, but he was never educated so he is illiterate. He also spent his whole life inside of a Colosseum so everything is new and wonderful to him. Crate is very impressionable and ignorant, so in new situations he can be taken advantage of. Crate can be condescending at times and Charming will remind him that he doesn't know anything to put him back in his place. Crate is very interested in Charming's past and is always trying to get him to open up to him about it. Crate is the straight man, so he asks the questions that need to be asked and does his best to stop Charming from going too far.

Weapons and Abilities:
Torch - Crate wields a long torch for fighting.
Excellent Offense, Crate believes offense = best defense, so his strategy is always to hit hard and if that doesn't work, just hit harder.

Weakness: Extremely Low Defense, if someone gets the upper hand on Crate, he is a gonner.

Backstory: Shad is one of the Seven Dwarves, he has severe depression and is mute, he never stops crying and frowning. Charming thought he was adorable and stuck him in his inventory. Nobody knows what exactly is causing his depression, since he can't tell anyone.

Appearance: He wears basic dwarf clothes.

Personality: He can be helpful, but most of the time he just lies on the ground and cries. Charming favors dwarves more than elves, so Crate doesn't appreciate having Shad with them. Shad is very loyal, as dwarves are, but sometimes his depression can get in the way.

Weapons and Abilities:
Shad is essentially the caravan, he carries the inventory which contains whatever Crate and Charming happen to pick up along the way.

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