Everie | Characters

Everie | Characters

Everie by Hellis
 Gender: Nonbinary - They/The
 Height: 6'8
 Created: January 6th, 2020
Design sheet


That sound you hear? That is the sound of one tough s.o.b. Everie is a "hopper" aka a Space Biker. Tough as nails, but not without code and sense of ethics. Everie is a Sight Walker, a sorth of low level pre-cog who can see into limited windows of time to spot potential futures. Because of this, their kind is often enslaved by various galactic warlords seeking to make use of that limited but powerful gift.

Everie was no exception. They were enslaved by Pirate and Warlord by the name of Alistria. HOwever, A upstart Pirate by the name of Hara challenged her captor for the leadership of the pirate crew, and somehow, by the skin of his teeth, won. Free'd from Alistria, Everie and Hara would gravitate towards eachother, and eventually become a item.

HOwever, following a confrontation with Haras past, in the form of Haras murderous family, Everie was hurt and believed dead and Hara went of the deep end. Waking up inside a coolant unit for body storage, some time later, Everie is back, and intending to set things right. Oh and totally lariat some fools out of their shoes.

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