"Kai" Tam Kwok-Kuen | Characters

"Kai" Tam Kwok-Kuen | Characters

 Gender: Male-ish
 Height: 6'0
 Created: January 5th, 2020
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Although he can come off as intimidating, Kai is actually a kind and patient man who puts others before himself to an often unhealthy degree, and is a healer by occupation. He's the type of person who just tries to help out and make life a little easier for everyone he meets, and mainly shows affection through actions rather than words. He has travelled to Void in search of his sister, who went missing after a rash of murders in his hometown and is believed to be dead by the rest of the family.

He struggles with deep-seated anger issues, and while he's gotten very good at controlling them and has a much longer fuse than he used to, certain topics can still trigger an outburst. They're usually accompanied by an amount of partial shifting - the usual teeth, claws, eyes deal. He's particularly sensitive to attacks on his family or claims that his sister may in fact be gone for good. He also has a pretty black and white way of viewing crime and is very judgmental of those who commit it, even if they have good reason.

> The coat stays on most of the time - it's usually thrown on to cover whatever mess of clothes he has underneath. He usually wears rather scruffy and "nerdy" type clothes like turtlenecks.

> The markings on his animal forms are not set, e.g. the stripes are totally random. As long as the main colours match his clothes, it's fine. He doesn't shapeshift often, but when he does he's more likely to be a crow.

> Kai Tam is his English name and Tam Kwok-Kuen (pronounced Gok-Kyun) is his Cantonese one, though on official documents it would be written run together as above. Neither name is more real than the other, but he mostly goes by Kai unless around other Cantonese speakers.

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