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Croi Desai by Batty
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 6
 Created: December 14th, 2019
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Name: Croi Desai
Age: 46
Species: Anthro panther
Sexuality: Pansexual polyromantic
Alignment: True neutral
Occupation: Mafia boss

Personality: At first, Croi may seem to be emotionless and unfeeling, but that's just because he highly dislikes displaying emotion. Over the years, he has gained immense control over his own expressions and body language; normally his expression is set in a facade of neutrality. He CAN and DOES show emotion, he simply prefers not to most of the time--and even when he does show emotion, more often than not it's incredibly subtle. A slight smile, a small twitch of the tail, the smallest lowering of the brow, etc.

Behind the facade, he's very warm and caring towards those he likes. He's also usually polite towards strangers, at least at first. However, he has no problem with attacking/killing others, even innocents, so long as he has no previous attachment to them.
For the most part, he's very rational and level-headed, and can often see straight to the heart of issues. He also has a rather broad sense of humor, and likes to poke fun at nearly everything--including himself. He has no problem with doing silly things like wearing fuzzy pink aprons, and will do so with a completely straight face--though he'll be laughing his ass off internally. He's especially fond of telling dad jokes completely deadpan.

Overall, he is a very controlled individual, practicing restraint in nearly every aspect of his life... except when it comes to love. He loves deeply and passionately and completely--which has worked against him in the past. A broken heart can (and has) nearly broken him entirely.

Backstory: Born to a farmer and his wife, Croi was a disappointment to his father from almost day one. Croi's father had a very set idea of what a "man" should be, which Croi consistently failed to live up to. Things came to a head when Croi's father discovered he'd been dating another boy, in secret; flying into a rage, Croi's father tried to kill him, only for Croi's boyfriend to push Croi out of the way, saving Croi but sacrificing himself.

Croi left home then and never looked back.

Eventually he made his way to Void City; emotionally distraught, lost, and broke, he ended up getting into some pretty bad situations before he was found by the head of one of Void's mafias, the Shiva Syndicate. The Boss took Croi under his wing, eventually becoming a father figure for Croi. In return, Croi eventually became the Boss's right hand man and his personal bodyguard, and then, ultimately his successor. Now Croi runs the Shiva Syndicate as if it were his own family.

-Loves to cook, and is an extremely talented chef
-Rarely uses contractions in speech (will say "do not" instead of "don't", "cannot" instead of "can't", etc)
-Has a habit of adopting stray kids/teens... in part because he is unable to have kids of his own
-Extremely talented at martial arts and hand-to-hand combat
-Very bad at ranged combat; is slightly near-sighted. Can't shoot a gun to save himself.

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