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 Gender: female
 Height: 4'11
 Created: December 11th, 2019
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Name: Loct
Species: Mimic
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: Female

False Appearance- Like all Mimics she is able to take the form of an inanimate object, with her prefered shape being a small wooden chest.

Adhesive Skin- She is able to cling to walls and other objects much like a frog, it also helps in grabbing onto opponents and things she wants to steal.

Shapechanger- Loct is able to change her form to various inanimate objects and tools that she stores attached to tendrils inside her body for later use she can only store 3 at a time and takes her a considerable time to manifest a tool.

Loct is a thief by nature she is as likely to steal your set of spoons as she is to commit a jewel heist. Mimics like to accrue treasure because it helps lure their primary prey, wizards. Loct has a kleptomaniac obsession with stealing shiny valuables although she is too small to reliably hunt humans efficiently. Prefering to simply not confront people much rather hunting small animals such as vermin and strays for food. She would not turn her nose to eating sentient beings if offered, she very rarely aims to kill. All mimics true form is amorphous though because of her obsession with stealing trinkets Loct has adopted a more humanoid form to better move about her environment. She doesn't care about money, only adding to her hoard. She is driven by an animalistic urge to steal. When she spots an object she desires she becomes hyper fixated on it. While patient enough to stalk her mark for long periods of time to get closer, Loct tends to act without a full plan set on how to make her escape.

1. Can't mimic living material. the closest approximation to skin she can do is very frog like in texture.
2. Can't run up walls. Her mobility is very limited while clinging to surfaces like walls or ceilings, she can however crawl and hop to new surfaces much like a gecko.
3. It takes her nearly 1 hour to make a weapon or tool out of her tentacles, she can only store 3 she had predetermined would be useful for a heist.
4. While flexible she is not entirely goo, she does have a breaking point. Much like an axolotl she can eventually regrow limbs over days but if she doesn't stop the bleeding she will still die.
5. While she does try to sound suave and clever boasting about her cunning plans to adversaries and miss quoting French phrases it is all bluster.

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