Darren J. Cardinalis’s Bio

Name: Darren J. Cardinalis Age: 18 Languages He speaks/sings: English, Spanish Friends: Roxy, Gale Garland , 9 to 5, Blue, Lilyfeather Rivals : Sebastian Personality: Upbeat, Playful, Optimistic, can be protective of anyone who he considers his friend Bio: Darren has always have a love for singing and performance. He traveled quite a long way from his small village to Void City in order to attend the prestigious Void University On an outreach scholarship. He is the first of his village to live in this Void city and is looking to make friends and perform his heart out to the good people of Void City. His vocal range is wide but is usually is a tenor and if he needs a voice that is just outside his range he can use the power of song to summon a ghostly choir to assist in his performance. He will soon see what this city has in store for him _____________________ Known Powers Updates 2-2-21 : Can summon Ghostly birds by playing instruments as well, rather than just singing. (See The Rainbow Connection) 5-23-21 : Spirits around Darren Appear visible even while not singing. (See A Lesson in Spirit) _____________________ My Comics are always my canon In battles, my opponent's side is also canon unless Their story contradicts events in my comic timeline. _____________________ Accolades Nominated for Best New Character 2021