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Deimos-96P9 | Characters

Deimos-96P9 by Monday
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'02
 Created: November 28th, 2019
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" On the planet Hybore, so named by the Hyparr people who were carried across a black sea and found new life in a flourishing eden, whence beasts greater than the heavens and serpents longer than the seas roamed the land and hunted the smallest of us until at last, we have developed an appetite for them "

-The 14 Austerities.

" For every decade a Hyparr child is raised to Adept to be taught the first Austerities; that their parents were not theirs but likely long dead in a distant theater. That our war is theirs to continue. And that peace of any stretch would mean death to our people. This is the cost of War."

-The Austerity of the Stars

" For centuries, we have battled horde and neighbor. Demons and Divines, until books of polity, of culture, of epic story were written on courteous battle. On communicating terms and intimating the nuance and spirit of the bloodshed to come. For carrying weapons out in public is an act of war, and holding back would be an insult to your enemy."

-The Austerity of Pride

" For Millennia we have cultivated, stolen, and conquered technologies from primordial design of the megafauna, to the alien cultures that we have wrenched from our invaders. All so we could preserve the shape of our humanity, an idea that permeates and changes in kind with those who have joined our fold, for War is ever a universal practice.


Deimos-98P6 , currently a Mezzanine rank Knight, aiming to be a Proven has served in Hyboria's 3rd Advance through Virgo since the age of 14. After 4 years of successfully serving as a student under Diogonia "The Basilisk" he aims to complete his training to become a Proven Knight by wandering the Multiverse for a Year. Hoping to find his Proven Title.

His main "weapon" is a shield. As a Hyparr Ritter, carrying his people's weapon into public can be construed as an act of war if it wasn't wielded as a form of self defense-something that a Shield already excels at. Additionally, using various types of shields, and generally being a rather prodigious in its use, it's possible for him to resolve all martial situations with it.

About Ritters-
Ritters are traditionally war orphans or royal offsprings raised for war at a young age as Adepts. No amount of social status nor influence will prevent either party from being inducted into battle alongside their Mezzanine and Proven counterparts. Names are re-encrypted into Service Codes, and first names are typically fashioned after names of planetary bodies. Certain cultures and clans adopt different naming schemes. A majority of Ritters may not necessarily be Hyparrian, but must at least possess a humanoid form.

They do not take off their helmets in foreign territory.

Hyparrs are a hardy people that have flourished on a planet where giant predatory creatures exist. Physically they are stronger than humans on Earth by a slight margin, but a millennium of warfare has sharpened their survival instinct and the monsters in their region has shaped how they lived, even unto their space age.

Personality: Deimos carries himself with a lot of pride especially in battle. As the teachings of Hyparr were dogmatic, but not imposing, welcoming only those with the power to seek them out. Likewise, Deimos does not boast but rather comes off as something like a warrior monk from an "age gone" to those who met him.

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