Jerin | Characters

Jerin | Characters

Jerin by OberGoat
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'2
 Created: November 11th, 2019
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Name: Jerin Highvale
Age: Unknown
Race: Zeronian
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Jerin has traveled the multiverse for ages, seeking to learn as many powerful spells as he can. His motives for doing so are a mystery. He's also an adept hand to hand fighter as well, often mixing the two. He'll never turn down a chance to test his might (magic or otherwise) against others, accepting nearly any duel offered to him, as he feels battles are the only way to truly master the spells and abilities he learns.

He tends to gravitate towards combat spells, he knows a few healing spells but he isn't very adept at them. He avoids darker forms of magic such necromancy as they have a corrupting influence on the user.

A man of few words, Jerin has a very cold exterior, often very quick to anger with those who annoy him. He is, however, surprisingly patient with children, though even they can get on his bad side.

The source of his scar is unknown, and a very touchy subject. He can still see out of his right eye, in fact, it even allows him to see through all but the most powerful illusions.

Why has he come to Void City? Time will tell.

He is an Abysmal baker.

--The Story so far--
vs Hathsha: After clearing out an abandoned access tunnel of a merfolk nest, Jerin has decided to make it his home.

Vs Lilyfeather: After tracking a necromancer through the city for weeks, Jerin believed he finally found them ready to attack a young girl, much to his surprise, the necromancer was the girl and the man he had now attacked was a general in Hell's army. Also, the girl was the general's daughter. Jerin's intervention has bought her another year out of Hell, but he's made a mental note to return on the appointed night...

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