Tix Thundersong’s Bio

Age: Equivalent of 25 Length: From nose to tail tip, roughly 16 feet Sexuality: Lesbian Tix Thundersong is a student of the arcane arts, specializing in necromancy. She moved to Void City a few years ago to attend the city's College of Mystics and Magics, looking to hone her craft and do extensive research. She dreams of one day being the definitive expert on necromancy and getting it a better reputation than it currently has. Somewhere along the line, she got a job as a bartender/mixologist, which she genuinely enjoys--and is good at. Personality: Tix is fairly laid back most of the time…. Except when it comes to authority figures. She has always liked doing things her own way at her own pace, which led to her resenting anyone who tried to force her to do things the "correct" way. This led to a plethora of problems in school, including her expulsion from at least one school in the past. Greater than her pride, though, is her thirst for knowledge, and so she eventually learned to swallow enough of her pride to graduate. Tix is also highly passionate, though she tries not to show it. She likes to give off an air of confident indifference, at least when people are watching. This is most evident in how she acts in public towards her undead constructs; she tries to pretend she doesn't care about them, but in private she often dotes on them and will hold private funerals for them each time one of them expires for good. Abilities: -As a dragon, she can breathe fire. The fire she breathes is green in color. -As a necromancer, she obviously has control over the undead. She specializes, though, in undead constructs; she animates the flesh golems she creates with little wisps of pure shadow magic, which often takes on a life of its own. -These flesh golems are made from carcasses she's scavenged, usually in the form of roadkill. She then stitches the bodies together and animates them. -She can also control shadows in other ways, though she's less good at shadow manipulation than necromancy. -She is also adept at mixing potions (and alcohol) Weaknesses: -Pride and stubbornness -Does not handle cold well -Can only breathe fire for a limited time -Can currently only summon a total of up to 3 constructs at a time -Can and has lost control over the Shadows in the past, which has led to untamed Shadow Magic running rampant