Sugar Sweet | Characters

Sugar Sweet | Characters

Sugar Sweet by MrPr1993
 Gender: Female (By Default)
 Height: 7'0 (+Hat = 8'0")
 Created: November 5th, 2019
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Name: Sugar Sweet

Age: 19

Race: Artificial Human/Candy

Weight: Varies

Likes: Candy, Food, Soda, Cute Stuff, Kittens, Pandas, Dancing, Singing

Dislikes: Bad Food, Bugs, Snakes, Pain

Bio: Created for science by Dr. Smiles, she became a temporary celebrity for being one of the first artificial beings with sentience, with her candy abilities being the result of an accidental addition of tons of sugar. Now, Sugar Sweet goes around helping people with their problems in the futuristic world and her creator for research.

Abilities: She's very flexible and can stretch, contort, melt and harden at will along with altering her weight and shift her or her other parts' sizes. Sugar can also shapeshift into another person or object as well. She can also turn into her more slimier form and back, and can split up if she wants to help more people. Her big hair indicates how much sugar she has left. If she runs low, she turns into a speechless blob until she consumes enough sugar to change back. Sugar can also spawn candy and other more sugar-related delicacies, including soda.

Sugar Sweet's also good with parkour. Being candy, she smells like one. Being a slimegirl, she can regenerate her parts if they get cut off at the cost of more sugar. Sugar Sweet's also stronger than she looks, capable to lift things as heavy as an elephant (but needs enough sugar to gain that strength).

Weaknesses: She isn't a fighter, and her sugar is limited, so she has to consume sugar and food to access more of her abilities. Sugar Sweet's smaller split up selves are less smarter and weaker than her current self depending on the sugar she uses up. Sugar Sweet, while helpful, she's naive and will do anything to help them unless she finds out what they're trying to do. Her shapeshifting's great, bit she's terrible at acting and retains the candy smell.

Personality: She's quite ditzy and bubbly, but quite friendly. She really doesn't like to take things seriously, but she loves to help out a lot.

-She doesn't have any insides in her at all. Sugar finds it very creepy if it gets exposed.
-Her hair is very, VERY soft. And gummy.

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