Renny Dandellion | Characters

Renny Dandellion | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 3 feet 2 inches
 Created: November 5th, 2019
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Renny Dandellion is a Pikin and the older brother of Dolly Dandellion.

A resident, along with Dolly, of a small village in the middle of a forest, things took a turn for the worst when the village got attacked by a pack of wolves and murdered almost everyone, including his parents. He and Dolly (being mere children at the time) were the only survivors of the attack and barely managed to escape. Some time later, he built a small little home for both him and his little sister to live in and took responsibility to care for her and protect her.

One day, however, he got into a fight with Dolly that caused her to run away into the night. Blaming himself for this action, Renny decided to leave home in search for his sister. Many years have passed since then.

Renny, now a grown adult, has now stumbled upon the city of Void after many long and perilous adventures. I wonder if he'll have any luck here?

Known facts:
- He is well-built and well-trained with or without the sword. So even if you take away his blade or any other weapon, he can still kick your ass with his fists and kicks.
- His sword, named the Excal, has been in his family for generations. He was trained by his father in order to wield and fight with it. It was finally passed down to him by his father the day before the wolf attack, proving that he is ready.
- He only uses his sword outside of urban areas, mainly for traveling. He also tries to use it as little as possible to avoid accidently killing someone with it. So his other options would be either his fists or a non-lethal weapon.
- He's fast on his feet, enough to avoid most attacks. However, he's slightly slower than an average Pikin due to his heavier build. You could say he's well-balanced.
- Being a survivalist almost his whole life, he can be a bit aggressive, cautious and jumpy. So don't try to sneak up on him just for fun, otherwise his reflexes will kick in and beat you.
- Just like Dolly, he's a herbivore, so he cannot eat meat. He managed to survive this long eating fruits and berries in forest areas, and vegetarian and vegan diets in urban areas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: He CANNOT meet with Dolly yet. He'll flip his shit if he ever finds out his own sister, after all these years, is still a child.

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