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Raven by Rivana
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: September 11th, 2019
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Raven is a reluctant vampire who practices Illusion Magic and can summon portals to other dimensions and use them for teleportation. Raven is also not a traditional undead vampire and was born as one. Her bloodlust is near insatiable. She tries to keep people at arms length but somehow does the opposite due to her inquisitive nature and being oblivious to her own allure. Her devil may care attitude also makes her prone to unintentionally attracting or causing mayhem. She loves matchmaking.

Main/Long Term:
-Get her portals to work again across realms/dimensions to find a way back to her home world. Right now, Raven can only portal within Void/Earth for unknown reasons

Current/Short Term Goals:
- Deal with her demon blood addiction and guilt about possibly killing innocents while she was high on demon blood (Void City Valkyries: Armageddon Side Story)

- Adjust to her new life as part of the superhero group Void City Valkyries. Raven is feeling some semblance of imposter syndrome over being hailed as a hero. She doesn't think of herself as one.

Highly adept at Illusion Magic in various forms and applications.,

Inter-dimensional Portals - can be used for dimension-hopping, teleportation, and as weapons. Raven is currently trapped in Void for unknown reasons (See Dove vs Raven - Rocio side). Generally, Raven can portal to places she had been in before (or in some rare occasions a specially vivid from memory of a place from her victims) or places she could see with her eyes. And in even rarer instances, to new realms she'd never step foot in just like what happened to her when she stumbled upon Void City.

Her inter-dimensional portal powers also granted her a passive ability to understand (and speak) any speech or language in different realms.

Standard vampire-related abilities: Immortality. She heals quickly if she is well-fed. Slightly stronger/faster and has keener senses than an average human. She can force herself to see through the memories of her victims if they are weak-willed or if they volunteer/allow her to see during feeding (not available in feral mode). She can tolerate sunlight but becomes irritable when hungry.

When Raven doesn't feed for a while, she goes to a state of blood lust. Her feral state has vampire abilities just slightly stronger/faster. She can wield no magic and she becomes mindless with only the will to feed at all costs. Since her body is in a constant state of hunger, Raven's feral mode doesn't give her any regenerative qualities but she doesn't feel pain nor fatigue and would relentlessly hunt down her target without any regard. Raven returns to normal after being fed with blood.

Raven has a wicked sense of humor and a bit of a smart-ass. She is a mix of being approachable and at the same time distant. There are conversations which she would be very open but much of her deep thoughts and feelings she would keep to herself. But if you're on her good side, she would do her earnest to protect you even if it would cause her harm.

She takes a keen interest in knowing and understanding other people. Some would say that she lives vicariously through their experiences to offset the lack of stability in her life. Others might think that she does this so she knows their weaknesses in the case they end up being her enemy.

Raven is loyal to a fault so she takes betrayals of her trust very seriously. She will seek revenge to those who wronged her and her loved ones, oftentimes at their own peril (and sometimes even her own).

She has a tendency to sound flirtatious and does this unintentionally and often in a sarcastic manner to get her opponents off-guard. Raven's teasing can sometimes be misinterpreted as flirting. She balks or runs away at the idea of a romantic relationship.

Raven has an impulsive/hot-headed streak but has demonstrated self-control when she deems it necessary. Her immortality allows her to be careless in most cases and would appear to actually enjoy the prospect of danger or getting hurt even. However, behind the madness is a methodical mind. Raven will not hesitate to use her calculating side to turn the battle in her favor once she decides to do so.

===Quirks, Weaknesses and Other Info===

Raven's healing/regeneration and magic (mainly due to her mindless state) don't work when she is feral, but she cannot feel pain and would ignore any injuries.

Self-proclaimed matchmaker.

Raven is left-handed.

Raven is not undead. She can still bear children. In her world, vampires are more of a separate species (somewhat magical in nature).

Raven doesn't reveal her real name: Mina/Mina Kiefervon. She usually introduces herself as Raven. As of this writing, only Miller knows her real name through their Sandbox encounter.

Raven can't swim and has a phobia of deep waters due to a childhood accident.

Raven has a horrible sense of direction. Her reliance on portals only exasperated this.

Doesn't know how to cook, even if she tries.

===Complete Void Playlist/Chronological Timeline====

====Detailed Bio====

Rocio Valencia - Roommate, friend

Jerin Highvale - Enemy, potential blood/power source

Bruhma -?

Rickter and Gus - Arena opponent

Miller - Friend from Sandbox

Void City Valkyries: Black Swan, Crikey, Xia and Wizzie Belles - Friends/Teammates

Kubo - Possible enemy?

Mob - Acquaintance

===Theme Songs===
Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UhWSS9j8K3ks2RJpKKUhi?si=NZ6GiYjgT8uUlPgviZG0cQ

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