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Raven | Characters

Raven by Rivana
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: September 11th, 2019
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Raven is a reluctant vampire who practices Illusion Magic and can summon portals to other dimensions. Raven is also not a traditional undead vampire and was born as one. Her bloodlust is near insatiable. She tries to keep people at arms length but somehow does the opposite due to her inquisitive nature and being oblivious to her own allure. Her devil may care attitude also makes her prone to unintentionally attracting or causing mayhem.

Mina Kiefervon

Vampire (not undead)

Stopped aging at 23 but she is around 290 years old. However, she spent 250 years in a "deep sleep" so her mind and maturity is still pretty close to her appearance.

HEIGHT: 5'6"

HAIR: Black

EYES: Pale green

HOBBIES: Shopping for clothes, matchmaking, Improving her magical abilities

-Mina is left-handed.
-Mina is not technically undead. She can still bear children. In her world, vampires are more of a separate species (somewhat magical in nature).


Illusion magic in varying forms and applications. (She studied illusion/control magic extensively ever since she was young - Way before she awakened her abilities to cast portals).

Can cast portals to different dimensions - an ability she rarely uses. She can also use these portals offensively to cut through anything in space and sometimes teleport. She is inherently connected to these portals and they are a constant drain to her. Therefore, she almost always need to feed on blood whenever she gets the chance.

Her interdimensional portal powers also granted her a passive ability to understand (and speak) any speech or languages in different realms.

Standard vampire-related abilities: Immortality. She heals quickly if she is well-fed. Slightly stronger/faster and has keener senses than an average human. She can force herself to see through the memories of her victims if they are weak-willed or if they volunteer/allow her to see during feeding. She can tolerate sunlight but becomes irritable when hungry.

If in the state of blood lust, she is unable to cast any magic as her mind is in complete chaos. She becomes completely feral. Her vampire strengths are enhanced.

Has a horrible sense of direction , she also can't swim (has a phobia of deep waters). People she cares about as they can be easily used to get to her. As a result, she doesn't like to being in close relationships - romantic or otherwise. Her skills in hand-to-hand combat leave a lot to be desired.

Raven has a wicked sense of humor and a bit of a smart-ass. She is a mix of being approachable and at the same time distant. There are conversations which she would be very open but much of her deep thoughts and feelings she would keep to herself. But if you're on her good side, she would do her earnest to protect you even if it would cause her harm. She takes a keen interest in knowing and understanding other people. Some would say that she lives vicariously through their experiences to offset the lack of stability in her life. Others might think that she does this so she knows their weaknesses in case that they end up being her enemy.

Raven is loyal to a fault so she takes betrayals of her trust very seriously. She will seek revenge to those who wronged her, oftentimes at their own peril (and sometimes even her own). She has a tendency to sound flirtatious and does this unintentionally and often in a sarcastic manner. Her teasing can sometimes be misinterpreted as flirting and she balks or runs away at the idea of a romantic relationship (She would, however, flirt in battles just to catch her opponents off guard).

She has an impulsive/hot-headed streak but has demonstrated self-control when she deems it necessary. Mina is generally very easy going but don't let her demeanor fool you. In battles, she can be very tricky to deal with - magic or not.

Rocio - Friend/Roommate

Chaotic Good

Ghost of Muskegon - Pop Evil


=Chapter 1.1: Introduction=
in an attempt to escape capture from perpetrators in her home world, Mina created a portal. However, she wasn't able to concentrate on a destination and was instead sent to a strange new world called Void.

Dazed and confused in a random empty sidewalk, Mina encountered a couple of strangers who bore a striking (if not exact) resemblance to old friends she had in the past - Dani Dancowen and Ran Gavinmaur. Adding to the intrigue, they also seemed to share the same names (at least Dani does). Raven sets out to investigate further but lost them in the chase.

The stress of casting an interdimensional portal had her in the brink of blood lust. Everything else has to wait...Mina needs to feed before she loses control of herself.

=Chapter 1.2: Dove and Raven=
In a chance, albeit violent, intiial encounter - Raven made an unlikely friend in Rocio Valencia. Both considered outcasts by their peers, the two women are now Void's newest roommates - thanks to Rocio's generosity and good heart. Whether or not this was a smart move on the magical girl's part is yet to be seen.

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