Elijah (Eli) Mikhailov | Characters

Elijah (Eli) Mikhailov | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'7"
 Created: July 13th, 2019
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Name: Elijah Mikhailov
Nicknames: Eli, Ilya
Age: (Appearance/mental) 17, (Actual) Unknown

Eli was born in 1925 in Russia to a rather large and somewhat poor family. He enlisted into the Russian army at a young age in order to help fight in WW2, as he felt it necessary to try and help in any way he could, as well as to receive a soldier's pension. His memories grow fuzzy surrounding an accident in 1942, and his most recent memory following was when he was brought back as an undead by a Necromancer. Whether the ritual was botched on purpose or accidentally has yet to be known to him.

When Elijah was brought back he became a ghoul and has to consume flesh in order to maintain his humanity. He usually tries to take it from morgues or graveyards, as he hates taking it from living beings, despite that being the best way for him to be full. If he doesn't consume enough flesh he can lose control over his ghoul half and attack people, often being triggered by the sight or smell of blood. The more he loses control and becomes feral, the harder it can become for him to keep his humanity and the more flesh it requires for him to stay mostly in control. It's easiest to tell when he loses control as he forgets to "breathe" (something he doesn't need to do but does as it makes him feel better).

Because of this, Eli is a little bit of a loner, despite his desire to be around people and to interact with them. He can be incredibly shy and speaks rather softly, as he worries his height can intimidate people. He also hunches a bit to try and aid this. Otherwise he can be incredibly sweet and friendly. He loves making people happy and making them smile, as well as giving people hugs. It greatly saddens him that he can't do it often as he's nervous about losing control. He also loves soft things, especially cats.

Eli is currently staying with a woman named Dakota, who has been helping care for him and helping him maintain some sense of normality.

Eli’s Story:
- Eli has made friends with the Necromancer known as Talon and gets some food from him.
- After a fight with Holden Shark, Eli now has a scar on his chest and a patch over the hole created in his jacket.

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