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Rae and Blue by Flytee
 Title: Character of the Year 2020
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5,4
 Created: June 30th, 2019
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Rae (Ramona Whitehall) Introverted, aloof, loyal, determined.
Late 20s
Human and the unwilling vessel of The Soul Weaver.

Soul weaver = A God of Souls in a vastly weakened state. She dwells inside Rae until her followers can find a new body for her. She can communicate with Rae inside her dreams and forced visions.

Powers = Whilst housing the Soul weaver Rae is able to summon and control armies of lost souls. She is still learning how to control this.

Rae is oh so very tired of supernatural beings and Gods messing with her. She's had enough and has made it her mission to banish the God squatting in her body.

- She is completely blind in her damaged eye.
- She has a slight stutter.

Blue (Mariko Nara)
Early 20s
Optimistic, caring and playful. She's a people-pleaser.
Former a roaming lost soul, who felt a strong attachment to Rae.

Blue has now returned to her body due to antics- (Rae and Blue vs Darren)
She is coping with the realisation that she is actually alive and her spiritual outing is linked to something much more complicated than death.
Rae and Blues archive is a linear story.
My comics are always canon (unless I lose a scar match.)
In battles, my opponent's side is also canon. If parts of their story contradict events in my comics timeline, they are omitted.

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