Rae and Blue | Characters

Rae and Blue | Characters

Rae and Blue by Flytee
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5,4
 Created: June 30th, 2019
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Rae (Ramona Whitehall)
Aloof and guarded around new people, but warm and thoughtful towards her friends & allies- Rae has slowly made a home for herself in Void city despite many obstacles in her way.
Known Abilities - Rae is the Soul Weaver, she can summon, dismiss, control and distort spirits/ ghosts/ souls. (Comic context = Rae & Blue Vs Saal/ Soul and Flesh part 2)

Close friends- Dairyu, Gutsmasher, David Birch and Blue!

- Bad eye contact and a slight stutter when shes put under pressure.
- A complete lightweight.
- Dry sense of humour.
misc- Above average IT knowledge, secretly enjoys creepypastas & conspiracy theory docs. She was a cheerleader back at school but will vehemently deny it.

Blue (Mariko Nara)
Optimistic, caring and playful. She's a people-pleaser.
Blue has no memories of her former life, she very unburdened compared to other unliving beings.
Known abilities- incorporeal- invisible/ can move through objects, Blue is also able to possess living things, the duration and strength of her possession depend on the target's willingness.

Blues favourite thing to do is to talk to people through a repurposed ghost scanner. Blue also regularly visits fellow spirits at the local graveyards, she has a lot of friends around town! (Living and unliving)

- Her hair will drift around a lot especially when she's excited or happy.
- She tends to float around people or get very close to their faces when she talks to them, even if they can't see her.
- Blue often sings to herself for fun.
Misc- Blue is extremely protective of Rae and often puts her needs & feelings first. She loves pop music and cheesy tv shows (think soap operas and reality tv) she also often people watches.

Hendrix- the Flesh weaver and former partner to the original Soul weaver- she has complex feelings towards Rae. Hendrix is the leader of the monastery of the flesh weaver, a cult who worships her. (Comic context - Soul & Flesh part 1, Rae & Blue vs Saal)
Lucy & Simon - two of Hendrix's goons who do a lot of her dirty work.


Rae and Blues archive is a linear story.
My comics are always canon (unless I lose a scar match.)
In battles, my opponent's side is also canon. If parts of their story contradict events in my comics timeline, they are omitted.

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