Juniper Steelestring | Characters

Juniper Steelestring | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5
 Created: June 10th, 2019
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Backstory: Juniper Steelestring comes from Opalhaven, a society known for its advanced prosthetics and treating them as an aesthetic as well as something one does to themselves. Juniper was attempting a risky procedure and with one small mistake ended up losing her life. Her husband, Garland Steelestring, was horrified not just for her death but knowing their society would look down on her in death. Not wanting to have her life be seen as a failure he tried his experimental doll process. He wanted it too look like he killed her and that she was a victim not a failure.Garland was found guilty of murder and with Junipers supposed corpse, exiled. However Garlands process worked and Juniper was brought back to life As an undead.

Personality: Juniper is a sweet and excitable extrovert enjoying being around others. However being undead has made her a lot more reckless, she has slowly lost all her inhibitions and does whatever she feels like. Pain has also become something she has come to enjoy now, she feels empowered whenever her body is beaten to a point that would kill a normal person and sometimes finds it arousing.

Most importantly Juniper no longer comprehends the severity of killing and death, she will kill anyone without hesitation or full comprehension of what she is doing.

Juniper and Garland have spent their lives in exile Void city. Juniper is an assassin who goes under the name "The String of Death". She is so efficient and quick that most people who know of "The String of Death" believe it is a group and not just one person.

Abilities: Her undead body is made of mechanical parts and prosthetic organs. Her fur as synthetic and doesn't easily burn. Her went through process plastination which stops her muscles and flesh from rotting. Her body's strench is similar to that of a Terminator robot.

On top of that Juniper also has her strings. she has full control over them and they have about 15 yards of range. Her strings are thin extremely dense wires. She uses them in multiple ways, the main thing she does is uses them to cut through whatever she chose. However she can also use them as a form of grappling hook to maneuver through void and to separate and re-attach parts of her body.

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