Hajire Cloud and Beam | Characters

Hajire Cloud and Beam | Characters

 Gender: Female & Male
 Height: 6'&5'(n/i antenna)
 Created: June 2nd, 2019
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for design sheet until I get it fixed.

Hajire and Beam are a duo from another world- though their world is structurally sound, Hajire's motherly instinct-or 'mom friend mode'- made her take in and look after the homeless bee kobold. Bee-ing a male, they are often kicked out of hives and risk starvation, but Beam discovered he had a knack for the druid-like magic of the world. He can create both energy "balls" and various affects from his clover staff, which Hajire can then catch and deflect in a martial art akin to "Jai Alai" or "Lacrosse" sport in our world. Her moose antler is specially treated to be a multi-usage tool, which she skillfully uses to deflect, pierce and bludgeon the wilder animals of their world.

Looks: Has a golden lock, similar to a sunbeam through a dark cloud. Multiple scars on arms, and one on her right eyebrow. She has black freckles on various places. Ridiculously strong and acrobatic, but she still has some chubbiness to her. Her little side bag is full of first aid supplies and food, plus her cash.

Personality: Not angered easily at all, and is more likely to appear frustrated only when a friend isn't taking care of themselves and they know it. Very much the boisterous-mom friend. Likely to 'adopt' you. Will happily spar to compare abilities and strengthen each other. She also enjoys board and other games, though is only just above average in them.

Items: Moose antler, which has a loop attached to the end. Fingerless, spiked gloves(seen on her hip). Mystical chest plate with mesh/sheer crop top attached. In bag: First Aid bandage roll, ointments(for burns, bug bites, lotion), small medical scissors, ziploc bag of mystery dried meat, and a bag with cash in it.

Species/Race: Hajire has the similar appearances to an African-American of our world, but in their world humans have a noticeable difference in there being less gender dimorphism than ours. AKA, she has pecs and has the muscles that are the ny-impossible goal of at least one artist right here.

(beamin' bee man)
Looks: Three small eyes sitting on top of his head like our bees, but he has much more flexible antennae. He has a little, hard noseplate. His lower mandibles are usually in the shape of lower lips, and only when his mouth is wide open do they split, making him laughing... kinda creepy. But heartwarming. He has a stinger. His clover staff is taped to a stick, so that it doesn't flop over. More likely to look worried and afraid of VOIDCity than anything else.

Personality: Nervous yet endearing wreck, he's still getting used to people NOT kicking him out of their home/general vicinity. (Male bees in our world, and theirs, get kicked out of the hive if they don't find a mate and usually die afterwards) He is very determined in protecting and working together with Hajire, but isn't likely to pick up on most social queues- he has the potential to be very intelligent, if someone were to teach him from the basics up. At least he's adept at magic and has a lot of MP & stamina.

Items: Stick and Clover staff, hidden food reserves in the flower petals. Probably has honey in him, which may heal you.

Species/Race: As explained above, male Bee Kobolds are kinda seen as useless and 'freeloaders' to a colony, since their only purpose is to go mate with a queen and then likely die. He has a stinger, though it won't kill him or his attacker, it would still need some moderate healing time after useage. His clover is normal sized, from their world, as all the flora is ridiculously big. Like mega big. Look up a clover in our world for reference haha!

Below are the concept sketches of their designs, as some things are best shown:

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