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Bombot thumbnail  Gender: Bombot
 Height: Varies (stretchy)
 Created: June 1, 2019
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Inspired by the exceptional hardiness, flexibility, and unfettered access to extradimensional spaces that cartoon chatacters possess, robotics expert Nikolas Korchaveski built Bombot as a weapon to turn the tides of the Neoterran Revolution in the revolutionaries' favor. Equipped with a fusion based power core, long stretching limbs, a jetpack, a raygun, and several access points to his very own pocket dimension (Bombspace) that could be endlessly filled with more weapons, Bombot was ruthlessly effective on the battlefield. So much so that it horrified his creator, who was forced to pull him from the battlefield and remove all traces of battle programming from his system, leaving Bombot in his current state - that of a sweet metal child who wants nothing more than to be a good boy and to help people however he can.

Soon after the war's conclusion, Bombot was caught in another of his father's experiments. An attempt to create a portal through time and space ended in disaster, creating an unstable rift that pulled Bombot before collapsing, leaving Bombot permanently unstuck from time and space. Bombot took this new development surprisingly well, and used his new space-time jumping powers to explore alternate timelines and universes, helping people where ever he went, for a very, very long time.

Fun Facts!
- Bombot's "mouth" is a metal plate covering his real mouth. He can rotate the plate to alternate between a smile and a frown, but otherwise it doesnt move.

- His access points to bombspace are under his hat, behind the clock on his chest, and behind the glass on his jetpack.

- Bombot cant talk, so he communicates primarily through acting things out or by drawing pictures, often with labels, with the drawing pad and colored pencils he keeps under his hat.

- Bombots eyes are usually hidden, but can sometimes peek out from under his hat or shine through the hat itself. They can sometimes display symbols, like exclaimation points or stars, to help him emote.

- Though he acts like a child, bombot is incredibly smart, especially when it comes to science and engineering, partly due to being raised by a scientist, and partly due to being older than the universe.

- Bombot believes all people are inherently good, even if they do bad things. He insists on treating everyone like a friend, which can lead him to trust people he really shouldnt.

- Hes been known to sometimes use a dry erase to draw angry eyebrows over his helmet if he gets particularly mad.

- Bombot is resistant to damage from all elements (water, electricity, fire, etc) except surprise.

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