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 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: June 1st, 2019
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After being decapitated by his so called mate, Burmeister's severed head was preserved by a generous patron. After which his head was inserted onto a donor vampire body. He has since lost contact with his mysterious benefactor and has little memory of his past but he's more concerned about finding meaning in his new, undead life. He likes finding new interesting things to deter him from the notion that his life is meaningless and hollow. Very prone to getting involved in others' business and having emotional manic outbursts during battle, usually resulting in his eyes turning fully black from stress. Outside of combat he's surprisingly sociable and approachable.

He speaks to others using telepathy however he is unable to speak to robots and other non organic beings. He is decently strong, being able to break his sword on people by accident (this happens often) but he relies more on his speed in combat. While his sword proves to be an amusing distraction at best, he will resort to fighting with his fists instead. Being a vampire allows him to walk on walls, be very tolerant of most pain and the mind control of insects. Like most vampires he is weak to sunlight/UV lighting, though he won't die if exposed to it all his abilities are halved in effectiveness and feels pain a lot more. He still has a hard time getting used to his human body often forgetting he no longer has six limbs or is able to fly.

How the bite works: Burmeister can only turn someone into a vampire if he bites them during his feral state. any bite outside this window are mere ouchies.

On a small note, Burmeister has recently been cloned. Each of them comes from an alternate universe where outcomes of Burmeister's current encounters went drastically different. A group of five of them have teamed up for reasons yet to be revealed. I've made the mistake of making each and every one of them way more interesting than the original so let's talk about them now.

(From extra image left to right)

Baja Burmy Blast (Yellow): Burmeister continued down the life of bounty hunting as the danger sparked some life in him. The most relaxed and level headed of the clones, he is the first to come up with strategies and tends to rely on long range attacks and small illusions. He is an oracle and has honed his psychic abilities to see into the near future.

Boujee Burmy (Pink): After learning he had inherited some land from his benefactor, Burmeister returned to his county and lived the life of a pampered vampmantis. He has the personality of a spoiled aristocrat and expects a level of courtesy and groveling when speaking to him. Not much of a brawler, his battle style leans heavily on his skill as a sword fighter and his mind control ability. He can still only control the minds of insects though if he manages to bite someone he can control their mind as well. He tends to wear a thick perfume that is meant to hinder the senses of his enemies.

Bad Boy Burmy (Blue): Frustrated from a prolonged losing streak, This Burmeister sought power in numbers and attempted to form a gang. When that didn't work out he decided he'd be better as an underling and joined the other clones. He hopes to one day find and get revenge on the man who started his losing streak.

Boss Burmy (Boss): Not much is known about him other than he is by far the strongest Burmeister. Any ability the original Burmeister had this one has outclassed in every way. His strength is only matched by his cruelty. A truly bad bug.

Bralwer Burmy (Red): Fueled only by battle and bloodlust this Burmeister sees this universe as a way to start over and fix his past mistakes that have yet to happen in this timeline. He has no vampire abilities to speak of other than his bite turning people. His entire fighting style is full on brute force brawling. Stronk bug.

Ted: A zombie centipede man thing. He's not really part of the story right now but feel free to use him.

DISCLAIMER kinda: As far as what needs to appear in comics I made the clones as a multiple choice option rather than a required addition to my character. As far as I'm concerned any Burmeister is equally valid to use in a battle and only one would be required to show up in one's comic. That one doesn't necessarily have to be the original. While in my current cannon all the clones are together they can 100% be written apart. I really really hope this is legal and I'm sorry for any confusion ;u;

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