Vincent Vasquez | Characters

Vincent Vasquez | Characters

Vincent Vasquez thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5ft6in
 Created: June 1, 2019
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Vincent Vasquez: The Neon Demon.


Vincent's first appearance was in in 1989 in the pages of "Journey into Adventure"'s #534th issue. In his debut, Vincent is a biker from the year 2121, a half terrorist, half freedom fighting individual that has been nicknamed "The Neon Demon" because of his speed and brutality against the mega corporations that have taken complete control of the world.

As Vincent's comic adventures continued, sales began to drop, which lead to the publisher trying to inject life into The Neon Demon's storylines any way they could, which included killing off Vincent Android girlfriend, H.A.L.L.E, and then later Vincent himself, although both characters would be brought back in one way or another, with H.A.L.L.E serving as Vincent's A.I.

Currently Dr. Antula, one of Vincent's rogues, has summoned a baby version of Vincent from the past to kill, effectively eating Vincent from existence. However, Antula's plan went wrong, and instead of killing baby Vincent, both adult Vincent and his past self have been sent back to modern day Void City. Can Vincent get home? Should he be trusted with a child, even if it's himself? Let's find out!


Vincent is, put simply, quite hard to like. He is irritable, rude, ignorant, and foul mouthed. However, he is not stupid, as he as years of convoluted comic book plotlines that have allowed him to hone his skills as a fighter. He is sensitive about his height, 5ft 6 inches, and will burst into a fit of rage if teased for it. Although it may be obvious, Vincent does not play well with others unless absolutely necessary.

H.A.L.L.E., on the other hand, is calm, with a warm demeanor. Her voice is slightly monotone, only showing emotion in rare situations. Although mostly reliable, she does enjoy teasing/pranking Vincent in low stake situations, such as asking him to say "I love you" before she will complete an order. H.A.L.L.E. can calculate things such as bullet trajectory, giving Vincent a sort of auto-aim if needs be, as well as generating maps, holograms, and playing music.

Despite his unwillingness to admit it, Vincent loves H.A.L.L.E. very much.

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