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Koop & El Cuervo JR. | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'1"
 Created: June 1st, 2019
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Name: Koop
Age: 26
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
Species: Tanuki
Ability: Spirit Companion
Fighting Style: Box

Spirit Name: El Cuervo JR. (Real name unknown)
Age: 53 since dead
Height: 5'4"
Weight: N/A
Species: Human Spirit
Ability: Body Possession
Fighting Style: Lucha Libre.


Before Koop was a underground fighter, Koop took various jobs in his young life to survive. carpenter, waiter, janitor, tarot fortune reader, and several others. The most remarkable jobs that made Koop to be where he is right now was Boxer, Spirit Medium and Retriever Mercenary (a title that involves locate, take and even steal items commissioned by the customer). Koop was competent at these jobs, but nothing above average, it wasn't until he was hired to steal a title belt locked in a museum that belongs to the legendary Luchador "El Cuervo JR." he didn't complete this mission, the very spirit of El Cuervo JR. appeared before Koop possessing his body and defend him from the guards of the museum. Thanks to Koop's job as a Spirit Medium El Cuervo JR. could see Koop's life and potential, taking a liking of him, offering his help to Koop in exchange of letting him use Koop's body to perfect his wrestling techniques that he couldn't master due to his untimely demise.

Koop and El Cuervo JR. have a fighting style similar to Wrestling Tag team, sharing one body, taking turns to control it so both can make use of their skills in battle and complement eachother's techniques, Koop is fast on the ground and uses boxing as his fighting style, using his powerful punches to attack their opponent and El Cuervo JR. is acrobatic and nimble in the air, using Wrestling as his fighting style, he uses his body as a way to grapple, throw and Lock their opponents with Submission Holds. Koop and El Cuervo JR's weakness is the lack of defence, they rely more on dodging attacks, his body cannot take a lot of punishment, so a few well placed strikes can bring this team down. Their abilities are use in battle by constantly switching styles, Koop and El Cuervo JR. are well synchronized, to combine their own attacks in the middle of a exchange.


Koop doesn't really have a sense of honor, just survival, he will do anything to win, even if what he does is considered by others "cheating" or "cowardly" Koop is an opportunist, a quality that El Cuervo JR. share with him, but unlike Koop, El Cuervo JR. has a scene of honor, and even though he tries to advice Koop to being a bit more honorable he doesn't try so much in convincing him, since he consider Koop manipulating his life like that is too much to add on top of the petition of him helping him perfect his fighting style.

Koop will try to do his best to finish the current task that he's supposed to do, he takes it very seriously and have a responsibility to get it done, this can be really stressful for the little Tanuki, that's why he takes everything as a game and always smiling, having a vibe of carefree lifestyle, to make tasks and missions, according to Koop this makes their objectives easier to accomplish and less stressful to do.

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