Kiderance 'Kid' Wilde | Characters

Kiderance 'Kid' Wilde | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'4
 Created: May 29th, 2019
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Kid is a hybrid Species of both Human and Kawek. Kaweks are almost a fairy like species coming in different variants. Butterfly, Moth, Dragonfly, Armored, and Firefly. Butterfly Kawek being the most common, while Firefly is a rare variant.

Butterfly Kaweks happen to survive well in desert lands and dry valleys, however they tend to get sleepy or even enter hibernation if they get too cold. In Kid's case, he can not stand in cold temperature, only being able to last an hour before he just conks out. Kaweks also happen to be experienced flyers however with Kid being a hybrid he can only fly for a short time unlike his full blooded brethren.

They are also able to hear and pick up sound from miles away being able to locate and hear people. However for Kid, he was given Artificial ears, due to being born with the birth defect of not being able to hear correctly so his mother fixed that by giving him new ears.


Kid Wilde was born from a one night stand between his parents, his mother Marmalade only sleeping with Kid's father thinking she could be able to have a child with all of his father's traits of red hair and green eyes, however he came out with defective ears and looking exactly like her. Which frustrated her, she managed to surgically get Kid's ear's fixed before completely rejecting her child and just handing it over to the Kid's father, Matthias Wilde.

Being raised by a single father, Matthias Wilde already had two other kids from previous relationships, making Kid his third child. Despite looking different from his two siblings and parent. He had a very normal childhood, being raised with his Father's work, which consisted of selling illegal weapons and other items. This job has the family moving city to city, Despite having to move so much, Kid is a very happy go lucky child, remaining positive and always being able to make friends in each city he goes. He doesn't see it as goodbye when he leaves, but more like 'see you later' promising to come back and see them. Growing up, Kid learned to bake during one of his stays in the city of Clover. He does this a lot both as a comfort and because he just loves the smell of fresh baked foods and goods. He tends to like to gifted people baked goods, mostly muffins.

He does have a few issues though, Due to his mother's abandonment of him, he tends to suffer from Athazagoraphobia a fear of being forgotten or ignored. He had managed to get in contact with his mother once or twice. However his mother didn't want to have anything to do with him. Along with that, he is afraid of confined spaces, due to a childhood incident between him and his sister, where she decided to prank him by locking him in an unlit bathroom leaving him to cry and scream in the dark for hours unable to get out. He is still traumatized being left alone in closed spaces to the point he still sleeps with a night light in his room.

Now due to all his father's moves, this is where Kid found himself in Void city. He decided it was time to explore and get to know the people of this city. He wants to change and be able to stand his own two feet.

Hopefully he'll survive and be able to get through this new city.

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