Bowen Feynor | Characters

Bowen Feynor | Characters

Bowen Feynor by Aeolim
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5’3
 Created: May 23rd, 2019
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Bowen is 14 years old, a quiet and gentle young man, introverted and hates trouble. Bowen spends most of his time reading, drawing and dreaming up ideas in his head so he can escape reality, usually about the future.
He doesn’t trust his peers very easily, especially since he got involved in a lot of betrayals and disagreements in the past which resulted in his cold and distant demeanour. He can also come off as quite cynical and pessimistic due to his own negative experiences and also through seeing the unjust things others have to endure and experience as well.
He was born to the noble Feynor family as the first born of Ezra Feynor and his wife Liana a renegade Felarium.
The boy was a half breed, because of that he should never have been given the right to live due to the demonic blood that runs through his veins because relationships between Aetheri and Felarium along with their half breed offspring were considered taboo in both societies as they were sworn enemies due to their long, violent history along with multiple other unspeakable reasons.

For the first few months of his life Bowen had a happy normal life with his parents and family friends, until war broke out and his father had to answer his duty whilst he and his mother had to flee elsewhere to escape the bloodbath. The two managed to seek refuge in the isolated town of Garad in the north of the kingdom.

For 14 years of his life, Bowen grew up oblivious to his past and his true identity, fed only with snippets and half truths.
Bowen was often bullied and picked on as a child and it would worsen day by day, year by year all the way to his adolescent years. He was picked on because of his quiet, gentle, introverted personality and his awkward, pale, bedraggled appearance, and last but not least: his bright red eyes, because of how they gave people the impression that he was some sort of witch or demon, causing others to severely antagonise him.

Due to those experiences, Bowen developed severe depression, and became extremely self conscious about himself and his looks. He started developing a cold, cynical and pessimistic outlook on society and people, and he even began building emotional walls all around him and closed himself off even more from people, including his mother, keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself and hoping that doing so people will leave him alone.

One day a grave tragedy had befell his town his heritage and it was there his past was revealed to him as a half breed and for now only his Aetheri abilities have awoken who knows what his felarium abilities may hold?
The three travelled to the south of the country where the boy was taken in by his Aetheri kin under the authority of Trinity Izula the leader of the Aetheri army, and under her watchful eye Bowen was relentlessly trained and forged into a warrior along with countless of other Aetheri youths in order to fight the darkness that plague the lands

Just recently duty was called to a mysterious pocket outside the kingdom where civilians have been disappearing off to and he must answer the call and solve the mystery, as he encountered the portal he was suddenly thrusted into a new world, a dimension outside his own known as Void City, is this possibly where all the disappearances went? Who knows
What will happen? Who will he encounter? And what secrets? dangers? and wonders lurk and thrive within this foreign civilisation?

Bowen’s main weapon is a gold long sword named Scarafor that has the ability to conjure and absorb heat and light, it can slice, disintegrate and burn almost anything it touches once activated, Bowen is also pyrokinetic and has the ability to manipulate, absorb and respire heat, light and fire thus making him fire proof and heat resistant, he can regenerate his health using light and finally his own tears has the ability to heal and regenerate wounds, injuries and health like a phoenix the sigil of his house.
He is fast and agile, skilled in martial arts, melee weaponry and athletics, his only weakness is lack of light and heat as he has nothing to absorb so his magic is limited in that scenario and so he has no choice but to preserve it.
Bowen keeps his sword shrunk and locked in a small red gemstone to make it much easier to carry around and he activates it by calling out its name.

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