Richard Lee Keynes | Characters

Richard Lee Keynes | Characters

Richard Lee Keynes thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 6'0"
 Created: May 20, 2019
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Richard is a member of a class of nobility that was established in the aftermath of a major rebellion in the new world colonies a century before he was born. their task is to monitor the gentry for sedition, handle threats to the territorial integrity of the empire, and be the public face of the crown in the frontier.

while many of his peers have contented themselves to be mere attack dogs of the prince regent, Richard pursues a more noble vision of his station. he genuinely believes that his role in life is to be a paragon of chivalric virtue, believing that he can make the world a better place by setting a personal example to inspire others to do good in their own lives. while this has naturally made him quite popular with the commoners it has also inevitably made him many enemies both within and without the court. he also has many bitter rivals among his cohort of knights, being the most skilled of all of them.

for this and other reasons he's mostly kept away from the royal seat and focused his efforts on the frontier where he believes he can do the most good. it was on a welfare check to a reclusive magos that he inadvertently stumbled upon a plot to alter the timeline and change the outcome of the rebellion all those years ago. he managed to stop him but at the cost of being flung into the future with his only way home reduced to a desiccated corpse by the sheer energy unleashed by the attempt. Richard himself only surviving due to a ward that he just so happened to have inscribed on the interior of his armor to protect himself from hostile spell casters. he is now alone in a strange and dangerous place and must find a way home, back to his wife and yet unborn child.

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