Twobody Sextuplets | Characters

Twobody Sextuplets | Characters

 Gender: 4 males, 2 females
 Height: Short
 Created: May 17th, 2019
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Twobodies are creatures which, as the name says, have two bodies... At the same time. And by that we mean they have one inside the other! A feral, canine one, and a human one... With a few of their body parts exchanged between both, that is. This can look better or worse visually. Some twobodies have a dog tail in their humanoid body and nothing added to their dog body, while others have a dog nose in their human face and a human nose in their dog face. A real gene lottery right there.
The twobody species is filled with unsavory details: Since they have one body inside the other, the way to switch between them is literally turning their insides out throught their mouth. It's eerie to see, but at least it's not painful.
On top of that, twobodies are naturally anti-social and with violent tendencies, which does not make it more pleasant to meet one... Reason why many of them go for a full feral life in nature.

Morgan, Nano, Emerald, Kujo, Jaky and Maggy were born as twobody littermates in the wild but before they can remember, were taken into an orphanage after their mother was accidentally killed by a hunter.

They got to be known as problematic kids, making their adoption quite the hard deal. It would take a fateful encounter with a temporary foster parent for them to find their new home. They were meant to stay with him only until the danger of a natural disaster passed, but the kids ended finding their new father in a evil mechanic named Nicholas Hanced, who eventually decided to adopt them. Thanks to this man and his wife, the problematic kids get to live comfortably and away from the society they dislike, being encouraged to develop their worst traits for their advantage.

In their new life, each one has different hobbies and goals, but like when they were younger, they always tend to join forces and work together as a team.

Morgan (He prefers to be called Azazel, with varying levels of success) is the self-proclaimed leader of the group, and takes the duty of looking for the other five. A failed daemonologist, he is always claiming he's about to summon a demon to get his ways, but the only result he's got is putting on a edgy and overdramatic act.
Be careful, however, since the only thing in the way of him using the dirtiest of tricks to make you believe him is his own pride, and once that is gone...

He has a specially fluffy chest in his human form, while he features a bald patch over his chest in his dog form.

Nano (Short for Nanobyte) is a narcoleptic calm individual with a gift for hacking and everything software related, one hobby that manages to keep him awake for just a little more than anything else. With that, he is often found being carried by one of his siblings after he just felt asleep. While he is the calmest and quite amiable, he finds no limits in ethics if he needs to achieve something. Good thing he is usually happy with just being awake and surrounded by his family.

Nano has feral paws in human form and human hands in his dog form.

Emerald is a prideful and responsible mathematic. She loves numbers and calculation, which she expresses by taking care (sometimes aggresively so) of the economical resources of the group. She loves to earn, although is never satisfied with the amount she has, and she easily gets anxious when the amount she has is not an even number. She owns 6 calculators, one for each one of the sextuplets. Emerald is not one to engage in fights, but she really, really dislikes contact with people outside her family.

She has a dog tail in her human form, and no tail in her dog form, but she manages to stylize her fur to make it less aparent.

Jaky is silent and full of hatred, always talking with as few words as possible. He sees no reason in interacting with anybody beyond his family, and if it wasn't because he feels the need to protect them from the world he hates so much, he would burn everything to the ground only so he can enjoy the peace and solitude that comes after. He is fascinated and specializes in explosives and fire.

He has huge jaws in his human form, and human mouth in his dog form

Kujo is a cheerful and carefree boy with a big problem: His stomach. There's very few things besides meat he can eat without feeling sick and weak. In this starvation state, Kujo loses big part of his intelligence and strenght, to his big dismay. Only when well fed Kujo shows a great sense of observation. He is a little sensitive about his weight, so he regularly trains to get strong and capable to fighting anybody who mocks him.
Kujo's diet consists mostly of a special type of fruit known as blankberry. A very filling fruit with minimal nutrients and absolutely not flavor, which he was teached to grow by his new father. With all, he prefers his mother over him and can often be seen seeking her attention.

He has a dog nose (which he prefers not to have pointed out) in his human form and a human nose in his dog form

Maggy is a extremelly confident girl with a fascination for military stuff. She always has high expectatives of everything and everybody. Ironically, despite being very very short, she is one to always look at people over the shoulder. Her charisma tends to get her through trouble, but will have no problems in finding ways of stepping over people if necessary.

She has dog ears in her human form, and human ears in her dog form.

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