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Gold by TheCydork
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'3"
 Created: May 5th, 2019
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Gold is a young shapeshifter who ran away from home to Void City, where he’s stayed for the last couple of years. He’s an adept thief, compulsive liar, and generally slippery fellow, hiding his suspicion and fear of other people behind a variety of personas. He tends not to actually hurt people and relies on his agility to get out of trouble, but he’s no pacifist and will not hold back if things come to a head. Dying in a back alley isn’t something on his agenda, and he’ll use every dirty trick in the book to stay alive.

Although his name might suggest greed, Gold’s not really in it for the money. Even before striking out on his own he was pickpocketing poor souls at the market, and many of his “trophies” are relatively worthless, just things that caught his eye. He may steal for a quick buck now, but the thrill of the theft is almost like a drug to him. Actual drugs aren't out of the question either; he has a fairly addictive personality and a need for distraction from his mostly empty life. His only confidence lies in his criminal abilities, shapeshifting and appearance, though the latter has been tempered by the injuries he’s received to his face (a sore spot for him).

His primary animal form is a Somali cat, and spending a lot of time as one has influenced his appearance and personality; his movements are at times uncannily quiet and fluid, his teeth are a tad sharper than they should be, and he can stare for minutes without blinking, among other things. It’s very easy for him to switch between feigned innocence and plain creepy. Also worth mentioning is that he can see in the dark just as well as he can during the day, even if things are blurry without his glasses (and yes, his eyes will appear to glow if you shine a light on them).

Visually, Gold's shifting is a fast, smooth motion; there's no poof, and nothing random such as suddenly sprouting a tail while the rest of him stays the same. He can choose to bring isolated aspects of his cat form to his current self though, such as the aforementioned tail. Rarely, he takes a halfway form, literally halfway, not like an anthro-cat or cat-eared boy but an eerie blend of features usually reserved for intimidation. Animal forms take main colours from the clothes he is wearing as well as his hair, so for instance if he were to throw a black cape over his clothes, he would appear as a black cat with some smears of red. He can turn into other humans or change his features, but this is also rare for him (not fun to steal something as another person and turn back the second you’re out, way too easy). He cannot change into any animal – he has had to choose and practice the forms he currently has. These other forms haven’t been perfected yet, so they’re currently off the table and haven’t been included here.

Fawn and Detroit vs Gold - Not canonical. I rushed into this battle before I was entirely sure what tone I wanted to go for with Gold’s story and feel it’s not representative of any of the characters.

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