Ozias Krane | Characters

Ozias Krane | Characters

Ozias Krane by InkyBrain
 Gender: male
 Height: 6'1"
 Created: March 28th, 2019
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The most important part about being Ozias Krane, is being a relentless survivor. When you've seen enough versions of yourself fumble agonizingly over the worst of situations, only to come barreling out the other side as King, you get real cocky about it. In a universe dominated by ungodly beasts, humanity had little left to turn to for survival than its dearest creation, technology. And in their pursuit of relief, concocted devices so powerful that they could open portals to undiscovered universes- those alternative to their own. As a result, The Guard were formed, a militant group whose soul purpose was to investigate these universes in hopes of finding new homes to integrate the survivors of their home world. But as it crumbled, so did the facets maintaining order and organization, and therefor it gradually collapsed, leaving those former Guard to find their own means of survival.

Ozias Krane is among them. Having undergone a series of otherwise minor augmentations which boost his general muscle mass, increase the density of his bones, and raise the level of tolerance of his skin, he's quite the physical adversary. But he didn't stop there. Tech is a powerful resource in his home world, and he therefor takes advantage of his prior connections in order to maintain an ongoing supply of dangerous weapons, ranging from fusion-powered firearms, to explosive traps. His favored form is nano-tech, primarily visible in frequently worn sunglasses which can form into a full-faced helmet. Although convenient, it's not nearly as long withstanding against certain damage and therefor needs to be frequently replaced.

Enter VOID, a city which appears to have over many years, drawn in a variety of characters throughout the universe- and then some. It's an otherworldly cocktail, barely contained. Thankfully for those who profit with chaos, Void is a haven. Incidentally, it's Ozias's least favorite place despite having connections there. He has a general "dislike" of Toons, and given mankind's history with striving for real power, he's not too fond of in-humans, either. Relatively speaking, he doesn't appear to like anyone.

Cocky, snarky, loudly masculine.
Clever albeit daring, hard-headed.
Flirty, charmer, intelligent.
Imagine a stereotypical bad-boy: leather jacket, daddy issues, promiscuity. Now make him a lot more intelligent, put him in a sci-fi setting, make him Commander, and give him lots of shiny toys. Enter Ozias Krane.

Despite loathing Void, the man has arrived, evidently on the pursuit of an unnamed female figure. And as his reputation perceives, he will stop at nothing to reach her. Amidst it all, he's prone to taking odd jobs which may require mercenaries, and is hence often joined by his preferred company- androids. He doesn't come cheap, either, and is absolutely capable of switching clients for a prettier penny. Although seemingly lawful evil, Ozias does lean on the side of neutral more often, and can sometimes surprise others with an apparent change of heart - there are just some things that should not be tolerated.

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