Elizabeth | Characters

Elizabeth | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5,6
 Created: February 6th, 2019
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Elizabeth is a devout member of the Church of the Cycle a collective of spiritual types who worship a deity of life and death. They're based in a tiny, idyllic hamlet nestled in the depths of the English countryside, where they keep themselves almost completely cut off from the outside world. Elizabeth was born into this 'paradise' which has been her families home for generations. However, times are changing; the head of the church, and voice of the deity, has seen glimpses of wealth and growth in the church's future. Enthused by these holy visions he has sent two of his finest followers, both blessed by the deity with superhuman abilities, to do 'a bit of missionary work'. All he asks is that they travel far and wide, and show the world the raw power of their god.


Appears upbeat and cheerful.
She makes dark jokes/ puns. These are rarely funny.
Often cackles at inappropriate moments.
Completely unphased by death, in fact, she's fascinated by it and takes enjoyment in killing. (Its a way to feel closer to her god).
She is thoroughly brainwashed and prone to spouting out lines about the majesty of the cycle, and how we are all unworthy of life.


Elizabeth specialises in the "death" aspect of her religion. This is reflected in her abilities.
- She carries a staff which spews an unending supply of acid; this acid is deadly and burns away at peoples flesh.
- Is able to summon a swarm of man-eating locust from the skies, this only occurs when she is in a faith-based frenzy.


She is very nimble and athletic.
Her mask never comes off.
Expressive with her hands and body.
Very protective and affectionate towards Catherine, seeing herself as a mentor to the younger girl.

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