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Gutsmasher | Characters

Gutsmasher by Petrichor
 Gender: Female
 Height: 7'4ft
 Created: February 1st, 2019
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Real Name: Jolokia Bhut

PERSONALITY: Althought she looks treathening on the outside (and her ring name doesn't help), Gutsmasher is really just a extrovert dork with genuine good intentions trying her best to fit in the human society, she's easily impressed and can be very gullible at times. Will always help if she see's someone in trouble but it's really just an excuse to get in a fight or show off her skills which usually gets out of hand. Can have a rage outburst if really angry/provoked, automatically growing in size.

HISTORY: after leaving the kaiju island to seek fame and glory in the human pro wrestling rings, she found out the worst way possible that the kaiju were doing it all wrong, the fights were scripted and it was all acting. After injuring countless of her colleages and even tag partners she was finally kicked out from the company. Although her carreer was short, she befriended a fellow wrestler, and also fellow stoner, who she always smoked pot with in the backstage after a rough day, she's also the reason guts is no longer on the streets (see intro comic).

PAST LIFE: Jolokia was adopted by two caring dads, one of which sacrificed part of his tail to make the blue mask she uses till today (his tail eventually grew back for everyones relief), their culture values fighting so they were very supportive and proud of their daughter for her carreer choice. That's actually the reason she refuses to go back to the island, afraid her parents would be too disapointed with her failure.

PRESENT DAY: Curently working at a brazilian pizzeria as a security guard, sometimes do delivery work and brings groceries for her boss. Adopted a kitten called Stinky Pants from the times she lived in a dumpster, he seems to be omnipresent and emits a strange dark aura sometimes, Gutsmasher thinks it's a normal cat behaviour since he's the first cat she have ever met.

ABILITIES: She inherited the hability to change her body size but it's limited (minimum:10cm and maximum:unknown) her normal size being 7'4ft.
Her strenght and reflexes are also above average for a kaiju.

WEAKNESSESS: Her lack of control and bad habit of underestimating her oponents can get the best of her during a fight. She's an arrogant fool.
Can't stay giant for too long, using her embiggen size abilities drains her energy too fast, so she uses it as a last resort (shrinking in size
have no consenquences)
She feels naked without her mask, but although you can distract her taking the mask off, she can also get real fucking pissed by it.
*she does takes it off but only when alone, sleeping, or near people she trusts.

TRIVIA: *her wrestler name came from her signature move which she uppercuts her oponent's gut sending them flying to infinity and beyond.
*she used to be 40ft but shrinked and adapted her size to 7,4ft so she could live among humans (now embiggening have negative side effects).
*she never cusses, but doesn't mind people who do it.
*the cuff on her wrist is just a prop, she wears it 'cus she thinks it looks cool.
*eyes goes red when she gets in a rage outburst.
*hates tomatoes with all her heart.

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