Dahiris | Characters

Dahiris | Characters

Dahiris by Don
 Gender: One guy, one mystery
 Height: 6'5" & 5'8"
 Created: December 29th, 2018
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A vampire and a werewolf from a faraway motel with a strong, sibling-like bond.

Shrugs (He/She) - Pan - 30s...??? - Silent & quick on the draw. Acts like she knows what she's doing, actually doesn't.
Brought back to life through lycanthrophy, Bruhma now lives life as mainly a bounty hunter, also looking for a daytime and more peaceful job as a hair stylist at the recommendation of his 'intern'. He isn't one for talking and much more prefers action/gestures, however Bruhma does save the dialogue for conversations with people he actually cares about, which isn't many. Has a volatile personality.

Strengths: Above human speed, permanent pain nullification, silver immunity, good with a gun (Will use anything as a weapon though), dismemberment isn't too effective. Really good at doin' haircuts!
Weaknesses: Holy artifacts, necromancy, the sun makes her tired and strains her eyesight, Monty. Talking makes her tired too.

(He/him) - Pan - 23 - A sweetheart filled with uncertainty. Acts like he doesn't know what he's doing, actually does.
The self assumed intern of Bruhma, Monty is a vampire with nothing but good in his heart. He is the talker of the two, filling the gap in conversations that Bruhma cannot fill. Is currently trying to convince Bruhma to use her skills for the good of the community rather then for self-interest and impulsiveness, he's kind of successful?
Doesn't like physically fighting but will if necessary, and always prefers to drink blood straight from the bag. He continues to eat and drink products that aren't necessary for his vampiric diet, but cannot absorb the nutrients.

Strengths: Can transform into several bats, a monster, or a fog. Super human agility, average strength. Hypnotism resistant. Can talk to bats and bugs!
Weaknesses: Intimidated by other vampires, bubbles and melts in sunlight, has not discovered anymore fancy-dancy abilities due to recent vampirism. All other standard vampire weaknesses (Wooden stake, holy artifacts, etc.) apply.

(Top to bottom is oldest comic to recent.)
Introduction: Bruhma returns home after a recent bounty hunt, Monty swooping down to greet his "Brother". Discovering another werewolf in the midst of New Void City, she takes the initiative to visit the city.
Dahiris vs. Kindervampen [SCAR MATCH]: Forcibly volunteering Monty to take care of young vampires to alleviate his fear of other vampires, Bruhma goes and wanders off on her own. Kourtney confronts her, things do not go well for the little teacher.
Halloween Is Every Month if You Try Hard Enough: Monty sends Bruhma on a mission solo, as punishment for 'ruining her reputation already'. Bruhma assists Talon in removing the undead from the graveyard, but things go out of control and one of the strongest ghouls murder Bruhma in the midst of a magic circle. Monty is alone once more.

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