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Precious | Characters

Precious by otakutaylor
 Gender: F
 Height: 5'4"
 Created: December 20th, 2018
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Age: 26
Sexuality: Pan

A woman of discerning taste.

Partying long into the night, Precious is a girl who knows what she wants. A good time, a good fuck, and most importantly, a good meal. Which for her, is that gold necklace you're wearing. Discovering her Meta abilities only a few years ago, her previous lifestyle has only gotten more dangerous, while it has shifted in focus to her appetite. Getting her lips around an antique golden idol, ornate watch, or rare palladium lined electrical components, has grown to be her focus in life, as the taste of these precious metals has become an experience for her better than anything she's tasted or felt before. She's not driven by hunger or gluttony, however, and while willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what she wants, she's not so desperately driven as to not consider the consequences of her actions. She'll happily steal the watch off the married fool who thinks he woo'd her into an adulterous night together, knowing he'd just out himself to his wife if he ever tried to get revenge. But murdering him would obviously still cause some legal problems that'd make later gold acquisition difficult.

To feed her appetite, Precious works a few different jobs. Primarily she's a Voidstagram model, taking jobs as a model or dancer as they come up. Almost never seen without her phone to keep her followers updated. Streaming or shooting adult videos isn't really her thing, but she guest stars in her friends streams on occasion. She also occasionally cons men out of expensive items or money, though usually this is eaten rather than saved. Since she eats so much of her income, Precious also works part-time at one of voids most prestigious banks, which employs solely immortal or invulnerable employees as a guarantee it cannot be easily robbed. She hates this job, but it pays the bills.

Precious' Meta abilities revolve around her being a Matter Muncher. Put simply, she can eat anything. Rocks, bones, lava, wood, poison, neurotoxic gas, or any other thing she can think of, most of which she's tried at least once. While she needs none of it for sustenance, a handful of concrete from the sidewalk would do, the taste of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, are so delicious to her that it's become the only thing she chooses to eat. Because of this focus on metals her body has since acclimated to her diet, turning all the living flesh into a metallic mass. This has given her nigh invulnerability to damage, beside the outermost skin layer (dead skin, thus not changed) and her hair. Both of which piss her off if it's ever removed or torn, needing makeup or wigs to look decent until it regrows. Her piercings and implants were surgeries she underwent before this change, and is a little miffed she's now unable to make changes to her body anymore. To the touch, her body feels natural, (other than the obvious enhancements in her chest) and the metallic properties only come into play once a damaging level of stress or impact occurs. Anything more damaging than spanking will feel like striking metal, rather than flesh, and she'll feel no pain from the attack.

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