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 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'5
 Created: Prior to recording
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Sleeman Bragg (or just Bragg) was once a down on his luck street thug. After years of squalor he\'s regained momentum as a Void fighter and now has aspirations of becoming the Mayor of Void City, after James Warsaw was left in a coma by his brother. Bragg already governs the streets and slums in a small district of Void and has a Bar named \"Braggs\" where he conducts all of his business. He is well in the know with all criminals in Void City and is perhaps the city\'s premier criminal. As they say, knowledge is power, and because of his status Bragg has a lot of the answers to the many questions others have.

Born in Void City and raised in the affluent section until at an early age his entire family including his mother, father,and two sisters, were killed for thier Illegal ties. He esacped and ran away to the slummy streets of VOID City. He survived by joining a local street gang, \"Los Arácnidos\", where he learned to fight and defend himself. When he was 20, Bragg\'s gang was disbanded after the leader was arrested for murder and drug trafficing. Bragg was again left to fend for himself.

For the next ten years, Bragg lived in Taverns, the streets and behind bars, hardening himself along the way. Bragg, of course, had a negative outlook on life. Believing everyone had it easy except for him, he vowed to make everyone as miserable as himself. Lie, cheat and steal was the name of the game, Bragg had everything to gain and nothing to lose. He pummeled his way to the top of the slums by beating Void fighters and collecting prize money for other street fights. Bragg also invested in drug dealing, robbery, assassinantions and other elicit activities, which brings us to where he is today, still with a BIG chip on his shoulder and wanting to give everyone a glimpse of what a hard knock life is all about.

Age - 30
Height - 6\'5
Weight -265 lbs

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES - Large scar running down right eye, from above the eyebrow to below the the eye. Pure white right eye. Multiple tattoos, some depicting his prior gang affiliation with \"Los Arácnidos\".

SPECIAL POWERS - NONE, He depends solely on his street smarts.
Bragg is constantly aware of all his surroundings and will use the vicinity to his advantage. He is battle hardened and a DIRTY street fighter, not to mention he has a thirst for bloodshed and is moderatley trigger happy.

WEAPONS - Anything and everything. Chains, guns, baseball bats, brass knuckles, crowbars, knives, chairs, beer bottles, broken glass, rope...whatever.

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