The Abominable Dr. Hoang | Characters

The Abominable Dr. Hoang | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 7'7"
 Created: July 18th, 2018
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June 2018:
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Dr. Yvonne Hoang, or as her friends call her, The Abominable Dr. Yvonne Hoang, was once a run-of-the-mill archeologist from Germany, skilled and educated but not especially noteworthy. However, a quite fantastical encounter with a cursed relic some years ago transformed her against her will into the monstrous and inhuman shape she holds today. In many ways, this was actually a boon for her worth in her field, as when the curse stripped away her humanity and covered what was left in metaphorical thick and wretched thorns, it did so to the extent that she was no longer detectable to any other curses, or indeed almost any form of magic on this Earth. She has become nigh indestructible to any metaphysical force one could muster. And as such, Dr. Hoang was able to quickly work on leagues of artifacts that have been hardly touched by the archeological world for fear of the havoc they may wreak if unproperly handled. In fact, her ability to safely tap into these objects has kept her fairly wealthy due to the hefty grants offered by numerous state governments, beginning to gain an interest in how these ancient majicks could be used to meet contemporary desires.

Unfortunately, this had all come with a Faustian cost. Stripping away her humanity wasn't just an illustrative phrase - after Yvonne's transformation, she had become flat out a worse person, much more misanthropic and self-centered than she had ever dove to. Social niceties feel like laborious chores she'd rather do without. Going out of her way for a friendly good deed or donating change actually physically pains her. Yvonne is more than aware of this, and desperately wishes she could be nice and charitable again - at least as much as she was - but it's just... hard, you know? Much easier to sit at home and deal with her own problems.

As far as proper powers go, there's not too many of those. Yvonne is perhaps stronger and more agile than you might expect at her size and with her lanky limbs, but not ridiculously. Just enough to weird you out, maybe, if her appearance hasn't. The one thing she's gained is a narrow yet acute sixth sense that she's honed to sniff out the intricacies of the cursed objects she studies, quite useful for her but not very useful for the scientific community, unable to replicate it.

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