The Professors | Characters

The Professors | Characters

The Professors by Clover
 Gender: Male
 Height: Various
 Created: May 31st, 2018
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A trio of teachers with a weird sort of friendship.

Annmeda Nella | Male | 29 | Science / Magic Professor
Ann is a very sweet guy who's very knowledgeable in both science and magic. He by no means a master at it and enjoys learning and studying.
Knows sign language because his best friend Bun is a mute. He won't always use it when talking to Bun since Bun actually likes listening to Ann speak.
Has no weapons and opts for self-defense measures. If any harm comes from his magic it was 100% not on purpose.
Has no idea how to fight, knows a few defense moves but usually relies on magic to aid him.
Ann loves both his coworker Bun and his cousin CB and would do his best to protect them at any cost.

Creativity Block | Male | 28 | Math Professor trying to become an Art Professor
CB is a block of frustration. Wanting to be in the arts but has horrible luck when it comes to anything creative.
Taught an art class but some events caused every student to never attempt art again, earning him the name "Creativity Block".
His tail can emit electricity but not enough to damage someone, just enough for a prank shock.
Knows more about fighting than either of them. Doesn't know how to dodge though.
CB hates Bun and his cousin Ann but will put up with them as much as possible.
Would totally cross them if given the chance.

Bun Silen | Male | 27 | P.E. Professor
Bun is a selective mute, Ann is his best friend and not even he has heard his voice other than giggles and other such noises.
He uses sign language to communicate and will refuse to speak to anyone who doesn't know it.
Depending on the situation he may point to things to communicate or just straight up stare at the person until they go away.
He may or may not have hidden weapons, doesn't like to use them, likes to scare people with them but will only act upon such threats if the other person is a threat themselves.
He's very fast and really good at dodging, doesn't know how to fight /that/ well though.
Ann is his best friend and he hates CB's guts.

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