Harlow Ironlocke | Characters

Harlow Ironlocke | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'2
 Created: April 20th, 2018
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Age: 21

Backstory: He comes from Opalhaven, a zeppelin based society that encourages one to replace parts of their body they do not like with a prosthetic, however they are not allowed to turn themselves into a robot. Opalhaven is one of the leading inventors in modern prosthetic and genetic food growth, the advances of food growth only being more recent and allowing them to be secluded from other societies. Opalhaven is also a community society were no one owns anything and they all work together to improve society, Harlow left because he takes pride in his inventions and wants to keep them as his own.

Personality: Sincere and honest, not good at working with others and an introvert but does want to help others he's just poor at communicating it. He doesn't know much of the world outside of Opalhaven. Hates when others take credit for things they didn’t do. He is fine with others using his inventions so long as they credit him as the creator. He is against killing and tries to solve situations by providing alternatives, though he is not a pacifist. He will choose flight over fight in most situations. His main hobby is breaking into places, he doesn't steal stuff he just likes getting into places every now and then.

Abilities: He is what is known in Opalhaven as a Weapon Specialist. What that means is that along with being able to make prosthetic for any limb the focus of his inventions is weaponized augments and weapons. He tries to make non lethal weapons with a focus on concussion blasts and air attacks. His reflexes and agility are that similar to an actual cat. He makes no sound walking and running when he isn't wearing any shoes.

Hands: His names are just prosthetic that are more durable than a regular hand. He can take them off and replace them or work on them with ease. He has various versions of his hands he uses and switches out so draw them in different styles if you want, though the color scheme is always the same as well as the fact he only has 4 fingers.

Battle updates (important character changes):
Harlow has created REM bullets, non lethal ammo that can instantly force a target into rem sleep upon skin contact and on contact of clothing temporarly traps the person wearing it.
Harlow Ironlocke Vs Sumiko: Harlow has now turned the dead factory M3W (a character from the 2018 Speed Death Tourney) into his own personal workshop for his inventions, he now has plenty of resources recycling all the scraps of metal and junk in the factory.

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