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F.O.R.G.E. | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: Inconsistent
 Created: February 20th, 2018
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One day a dying factory scanned a nearby being in the hopes of surviving among the population thriving around it. Database shows the factory might have succeeded. Keep your distance.

Recent Data: Sporadic (Month of the Dead 2020)
Field observation has placed subject in various locations all over the city, even suburbs and outskirts. Threat level has been further reduced but no direct interaction is advised at this time. Subject has apparently started an unknown subroutine discovered to be "detective.exe". This has left the subject with a new personality much like that of a "old-school noir crime solving guy", but with motives and calculations malfunctioning. At any moment subject can become stuck in this subroutine, stating to be "on a case" with the immediate surrounding area usually being the source and solution. When an outside influence triggers this or even happens upon it, that person will immediately be forced into this "case" scenario. Most cases have been reported to resolve peacefully, if not strangely. See Incident 003: Ivory Rose, which involved [REDACTED], for further examples.

Previous Logs
Data: Highly Dangerous (Lovechild Tournament)
Subject has recently woken and has been running the main function of "KILL.EXE". Extreme caution is advised, subject is known to have an unusually large arsenal for it's size. While blades seem to be it's favored weapons, it is not beyond utilizing ranged weapons in the form of lasers and rockets. NO FIELD OBSERVATION is allowed at this time. DO NOT let subject's "uwu" speech patterns fool you, we can not afford to pay for limb replacements.

Data: Inconsistent (Immediately following the tournament)
Subject appears ambulatory but no longer appears to have objectives. Minor caution still advised, lower level researchers can now request field observation.

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