Sludge | Characters

Sludge | Characters

Sludge by Bobo
 Gender: F
 Height: 5' 4"
 Created: January 14th, 2018
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UPDATE: During a sleepover with her schoolmate and friend, Santiago, Sludge stumbled upon his sister, Alma, during a witchly ritual. This resulted in Sludge's soul being sucked from her body and trapped in Alma's hair. She was finally released by Usagi, who killed Alma in order to set her free from the evil that had become part of her.

A junior at St. Agnes School for the Superb, Ermintrude Dorothea Auteberry—better known as "Sludge"—hates the fact that her parents are the third biggest donors to the school. She hates that her family is rich and powerful throughout VOID. She hates that she's always the top of her class. She hates that she's never gotten in a fight, never kissed, never broken a bone, and has a perfectly balanced diet. In order to hide the fact that she's essentially the perfect model student, Sludge adopted a nickname she was given by some rude boys in 7th grade, grew her hair out, and started sitting in back corner of every classroom. She avoids interacting with the popular kids, instead gravitating towards the fringe losers who hang out in the hallway no one goes down during lunch.

Sludge is proud of one thing, however: she can create, amplify, and manipulate simple substances such as fire, water, and dirt. In order to enhance her appearance as a rebel rather than the perfect student, Sludge likes to use her powers on bodily fluids, turning snot into acidic goo or forming weapons out of blood (like all the cool kids can do). She generally keeps these talents to herself in order to avoid unwanted attention, but sometimes you just really wanna burn something.

Notable relationships:
  • Steph: Sludge's cousin, also dead
  • Pudding Washington: Schoolmate who sometimes ropes her into stuff
  • Santiago (Alma the Witch's little brother): Schoolmate and friend, never found out what happened to Sludge

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