Sumiko Nakatomi | Characters

Sumiko Nakatomi | Characters

 Gender: female
 Height: 168cm [5'6"]
 Created: December 6th, 2017
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Sumiko Nakatomi is a Jorougumo, a spider person "from japanese folklore". Her family traces back many many generations and they are proud despite having been hidden for so long.

Sumiko's mother is very strict, and so has arranged with another spider to help her mold Sumiko into a proper lady. During the holidays, Sumiko flew to Void City for her homestay to begin college.

Sumiko has other plans for Void City. She wants to take her father's custom guitar and ROCK OUT! She's been yearning for freedom out of her mother's watchful eye for many years and she's about to get her chance! Will Sumiko get all of her rebellious nature out during college? What sort of music will she share with the world? And... what will she choose for her major?

Sumiko has been told a few stories about her father, but trusting any of them is difficult. Is he dead? Did he simply not want her? Sumiko suspects due to her mother's strictness that her father was sent away. Since being in the city, she spends her allowance on a private detective to help uncover the truth.

[info repeated on character sheet]
Her clothing is all custom tailored for her six arms. She is not good at any shapeshifting, currently.
It is actually necessary for her to study a lot to maintain the grade point average she has, which is in the top 5%.
She has a fidgety nature, and it leads to her playing with her hair or scrunching up her skirt. This unfortunately gets misinterpreted a lot as teasing behavior.
Her english is pretty good, but she tends to forget certain words and then seek a way to explain around that word instead.
She has plans to start a band in Void City with someone she met on the internet! (is it YOU?)
She excels at archery, running/jumping/climbing, and was good with band ensemble.
She suffers from insomnia, is terrible at swimming, and is absolutely phobic of cats.
She loves lollipops, anything sweet, and punk music.
She dislikes bitter foods, men, and shopping for clothes due to the fit being quite difficult for her.

"It's nice to meet you!"

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