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 Gender: male
 Height: 7'2
 Created: November 3rd, 2017
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Age: Has the disposition of a 40 year old

Species: Plaguebugs are a rarely seen memeber of Hemieptera an order of insect that has leathery front wings, and a beak like proboscus also insects like Bedbugs, Assassinbugs, Waterbugs and Leaf Hoppers are all part of this order. Plaguebugs are gaunt humanid bipedal insects that are equiped with biological surgeical equipment that is stored inside their wrists that they can use for atopsy and surguries. Plague bugs also reproduce with tramatic incemination with a needle like reproductive organ stored in a sheeth at the tip of their abdomen.

Equipment: Prendergast carries a few concoctions in vials on his waist, most are homemade anesthesia. He also has a book on many types of infections to spot early signs of the plague.

Bio: Some say the biology of the Plaguebugs are too bizarre, too specific to be the result of anything but intelligent design. every plaguebug seen has always been members of a sect of the Church of Regina Nostra in Excelsis, a popular bug religion who see God as the ultimate queen connecting all life and crafting it in her image. It is to this end that the church has decided to combat a plague that only brings death to the world, even still there are rumors that the fleshlings are the ones who crafted the vile disease such gossip while frowned upon is still common in the church. The standard protocol for the members of the church if an outbreak is suspected is first to identify, isolate, then immolate, but no official outside the church has documented an outbreak, those of a more secular mindset choose to believe that the plague is a mere scapegoat that the church uses to justify killing towns a witch hunt of sorts, so they can lay claim to the land. Still the church has a lot of political power when it comes to matters of investigating and most public officials do their best to stay away from their inquisitions, only going so far to provide aid if it is specifically asked of them. Even to those who believe in the cause of the church see plaguebugs as the sign of a bad omen, that where ever it is they decide to investigate death is soon to follow.

Personality: Prendergast is Cold, Work-obssed, Unintrested when it comes to social matters, Distractible by his religion or investigations, easily absorbed in his own world, scattered-brained especially when it comes to self care, always high-strung constantly fidgeting with objects, or observing, natrually curious, the type to think out loud, and while he may have a grim job tallying the dead and investigating the spread of an outbreak, he does care for the lives he comes across wanting to reduce suffering as much as possible but he is very much numb to death and he sees his goals as the greatest good any one insect could ever do for the world.

Abilities: Prendergast like all plague bugs are organically equipped with surgical scissors, a bone saw, a suture needle and organic thread, and a syringe that each one of his hands could unfold into. While he cant fly he does have wings.

Trivia: Like Bedbugs all Plaguebugs are Bisexual both the stinger like sexual organ and anus are under the clasp like sheath at the tip of his abdomen. Plaguebugs drink their food releasing a blood thinning saliva they also keep their two sets of arms clasped together to form one pair from time to time and he uses his antennae as eyebrows to emote.

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