Kiski | Characters

Kiski | Characters

Kiski by Radji
 Gender: female
 Height: 1m30
 Created: October 23rd, 2017
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Jovians are an Ant-like species of insect folks that are very manual work oriented. They are typically construction workers, miners, janitors and dustmen.
Kiski is a very young Ant, barely of working age. Like all Jovian ants, she's very strong, has no vertigo, can eat scraps and trash for sustenance thanks to the powerful acids in her stomach. Like most of her numerous siblings, Kiski dreams of becoming one day the queen of her own colony. Something that only happens to one ant in one million.

But Kiski is in trouble: the clumsy or lazy workers are pulled out of Workforce and forced to become feeders or incubators, and none of those two fates are appalling to her. Thing is: she's already on two strikes out of three for being very unlucky and provoking several accidents. If she screws up once more, she'll be turned either into a living soda dispenser, or become a full-time nurse/incubator for the colony's babies.

(VictorianAU part) Fortunatly, Kiski managed to find a stable work: she is now an employee for some local morticians and is their new gravedigger.

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