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 Gender: The Whole Spectrum
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 Created: September 21st, 2017
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A group of assassins that have taken refuge in Void City to hide from a mysterious organisation that is hunting them down, and are trying their best to live a normal life. It's not quite panning out as they had hoped.

Patrick Lance | 27 | Male he/him | Horseman of Pestilence
Patrick is a very focused individual; when given a task he completes it quickly and flawlessly, especially when it relates to his occupation, fighting, and muffin baking. Unfortunately he has poor social skills, brought on by a family neglect and further hampered by autism. He tends to stare directly at people, ask personal questions to satisfy his own curiosity, and generally not get the hint when someone has had enough of him. The few people he feels confident to call friends, he appreciates and protects fiercely; he tends to get along better with people who enjoy scientific conversations, especially things that deal with anatomy, the human body, or diseases. He tries to endear himself to his coworkers at NVCPD by bringing in freshly baked muffins twice a week. He hates the fact that he needs to disguise his height by sitting in a wheelchair, and he hates the copycat part of his powers. He doesn't like change and wants things nice and orderly, and if there is an issue he'd rather deal with it to the best of his own ability rather than rely on the powers of another.

Genetic manipulation has made him the 'perfect human'; he is physically at peak human performance, an uncompromising immune system, and impervious to mind control. The Copycat ability allows him to copy anybody's power for the duration of an hour as long as he has ingested/injected their DNA before hand (ex. he can use fire manipulation and super strength if he has eaten a strand of Wallace's hair). While his immune system omits the drawbacks of certain powers (mostly fatigue), there is no guarantee Patrick can control the power. He has been trained by Fran to be proficient in swords and a few fighting styles, his favourites being boxing and kung-fu.

Wallace Peltora | 25 | Male he/him | Horseman of War
Wallace is the Straight Man of the group; he is the least likely to get caught up in dangerous shenanigans and doesn't super appreciate being dragged into them either. He tends to be too serious, and the others consider him a bit of a stick in the mud, but he only worries because he cares. Wallace believes in kindness and justice, and does his best to keep to those qualities in all aspects of his life, the sole exception being when stuck in a room with Fran. Wallace will put himself in the line of fire if it means saving someone's life, and will stubbornly take the abuse and insults if it means no one else will. While he is hesitant to use his own powers as the possibility of him grievously injuring someone in anger is a real possibility, he finds his fire manipulation quite handy when cooking, and recognises that his durability makes him the perfect meat shield, though trying to use his powers for good while also trying to hide the fact he has them is a balance he is still trying to hit. He hates being touched by others and gets visibly uncomfortable if anyone hits on him; there have been occasions where he has accidentally punched someone if they put a hand on his shoulder without him noticing.

Wallace can generate and manipulate fire along with super strength and super durability (he is the unstoppable force AND the immovable object). He has no clue how powerful he is nor what he can take; he has managed to punch through steel, and has been hit by the truck only to walk away unscathed (truck not so much). Fran trained him to use mostly defensive styles of fighting such as jujutsu and aikido.

Fran Lumi Peltora | ??? | Non-Binary they/them xe/xem | Horseman of Famine
The others don't know how old Fran truly is but they do know that Fran must have seen some shit because they tend to be thoroughly unimpressed with most unbelievable scenarios presented. Fran takes no shit and as someone who has been in the business of killing long before the other 3 were even conceived, they are terrifyingly okay with acts of violence and murder. Fran tends to be rude to most people by simply ignoring them or by not giving them any respect, especially to those who misgender them, and will go as far as to hurt any who seek to harm the other three or themselves. In reality, during the process of training the other three, Fran grew to care for them, and is the one responsible from freeing them from the organisation that originally held them and bringing them to Void City. Fran cares deeply for their charges and is trying their best to keep their shitty attitude in check.

Fran's powers involve energy drain through skin touch and to cast illusions to manipulate another's senses. The energy drain is a hassle as Fran can't stop it from happening, which leads them to wearing gloves most of the time; it drains the life from any living organism and helps heal any wounds Fran may sustain, including reversing the aging process, which Fran gets very annoyed at (they like their current look thank you very much). The illusion power was acquired as the group were escaping the organisation and has only had it for 5 years, and affects the 5 major senses (hearing, taste, touch, sight, smell). It won't be able to fool cameras, heat sensors and other such technology. They are proficient in various fight styles that favour staffs or close combat.

Diana Peltora | 28 | Female she/her | Horseman of Death
Were the others rage with some aspect of inner conflict, Diana is the only one who is confident in her self and her own abilities. She is independent, hates following a dress code, and will mess with parts of Void City's (and the NVCPD's) technological grid system for a laugh as long as no one is harmed in the process. She maintains a chill attitude about life and sees the silver lining in most situations and will create one if none is present. She isn't a quitter and will use anything at her disposal to complete her goals but won't go as far as hurting a person. She is also a social butterfly and likes going out with friends, making new friends, and sleeping with them; she is rarely without a cheeky smile.

What she lacks in powers, she makes with intelligence and detailed understanding of robotics. She is the one who has created the group's masks and has all sorts of technology that help her out in a fight. Diana wasn't trained by Fran but by a weapon's expert; she favours guns, grenades, and hacking her way to victory. Most of her inventions are named after songs she likes.

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