Adwell Morris | Characters

Adwell Morris | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'9
 Created: June 21st, 2017
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He's a priest specializing in exorcisms sent to Void to try and put a stop to, or lower the amount of crime and chaos within the city with the help of a demon he possesses-- Or well. Who possess him when he needs it.

Human Adwell

Strengths: Determination and faith. Unless he feels his life is threatened, he will not use his demon. Only using his words to defuse situations rather than violence. Honestly his strengths lie in his ability to use wit.

Weaknesses: He’s averagely strong and fast for a healthy male of his age. He’s a pacifist and will try to defuse fights rather than get into them.


Demon Adwell
These are the details for when the demon is actually possessing him

Strengths: Super-strength, accelerated healing (you can shoot him and he’ll live), does not need to drink or eat to survive,

Weaknesses: Holy water, salt, seals to keep demons out. His speed is only of Adwells. Tied to Adwell, who will battle back for control if the demon is starting to stray away from the plan.



+The demon is tied to Adwell which is why it will keep his appearance.
+The demon can be inside of Adwell and not possess him. (Usually during chases or if Adwell knows that he will definitely be in a fight) Think of Adwell’s little bottle as a soul jar. Able to contain a soul within it. Adwell’s demon usually resides in there.
+In that state, all of the Demons weaknesses will apply to Adwell, and none of the strengths.
+It’s only when Adwell accepts the possession will he have the addition of strengths.
+Adwell is the only person that can see his demon. (Unless there’s a special person that can see demonic spirits)
+The demon can read Adwell’s thoughts, but Adwell cannot read his. Adwell will occasionally forget that he can communicate with the demon via thoughts, and instead will reply verbally.

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