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Miwesa by yarnwitch
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: April 14th, 2017
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「 Hook」
Miwesa is dead, and she can't recall the circumstances that lead to it. She knows there was darkness and suddenly she awoke in someone's attic in "Void City". Every day she looks for a new occult shop in hopes that someone can see her AND be able to search for her family. So far no luck, but it's only been a few days.

「 Personality」
Miwesa is primarily a focused sort of ghost. You could even say obsessive. She's task-oriented, and will persist in the completion of something for weeks, months... years and longer remain to be seen. She does get dragged into the trap of pessimism fairly often. After all, its hard to be optimistic when you're dead.
If she were alive, she'd be the sort of person to carry around a small notebook full of... anything, doodles, and checklists that are constantly revised and completed.

「 Appearance」
Should be fully outlined in the character design sheet, but elaboration can help! Her clothes are thin but wintery. Her hooded wrap-jacket is made of a navy blue fleece. The shirt underneath is long-sleeved and yellow. Her white skirt is multi-layered and trimmed with lace.

「 Powers」
+ Intangibility/Incorporeal Body - Miwesa cannot be touched or interact with anything physical since she "woke up" in Void City.
+ Empathic Presentation - Miwesa's emotions are conveyed through her ghost form as of her meeting with Grey.

「 Personal Canon Updates」

Canon is determined by the winner of the battle.

4-30-17 versus Mol : Miwesa Wins
Mol attempts to help Miwesa, but the experience of "living" the memory of death proves to be too much, and Mol ceases communication for the time being so that she can process what happened.

5-20-17 versus Remy : Remy wins
Backstory is revealed, adding onto what Mol saw before. The ultimate cause of death would be Remy and Lu, but why? And why is their body count at 3?

8-14-17 BB (sorta...) : Vanishing
Miwesa notices that she's losing her form from time to time and decides to give things another chance when she sees the summer camp poster.

9-19-17 Summer Collab :
Miwesa meets a group of people telling ghost stories around a fire, only to find another ghost (gray), and asks for some advice after all the stories are told. Gray has learned that you have to take things you want, and tells Miwesa that she should do the same, since she is dead and nobody else will care for her goals.

10-17-17 versus Grey : Grey wins
Grey's equipment detects an anomaly of space and time, and he investigates. Through his goggles, he can see miwesa's memories manifest by using her incorporeal form. Grey captures her in a chamber and collects data, but ultimately is unable to interact with her, leaving her alone again.

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